September 18, 2008

Consumer Advocate Harvey Rosenfield Starts Blog on Financial Mess

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 18 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Harvey Rosenfield, a nationally-recognized consumer advocate who wrote California's money-saving insurance reform law, Proposition 103, has begun a blog that will expose in plain language the truth behind the mayhem that has hit the financial marketplace and discuss its daily impact on American consumers. Recently the Consumer Federation of America found that Rosenfield's Proposition 103 has saved California motorists $63 billion. (Read more about Harvey Rosenfield's work at

The blog is at

"Most Americans work hard and play by the rules," Rosenfield writes on the site. "Now we're going to have to bail out the Wall Street speculators and crooks whose greed has jeopardized our jobs, stolen our savings, and crippled our economy. The bailout alone could cost us $1,000,000,000,000. I've been waiting for this house of cards to collapse ever since Enron and the energy companies used similar financial schemes to manipulate an electricity crisis in California back in 2001."

"In this blog, I'm going to write about deregulation, and the Wall Street tricks that caused this crisis. About the politicians and government officials who let the fat cats get away with it. And what ought to be done right now." Rosenfield, who was recently named one of California's Top 100 lawyers, founded Consumer Watchdog and works with several other advocacy organizations. The new blog will be hosted by Consumer Education Foundation, a non-profit organization. RSS syndication is available at the website.

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