September 19, 2008

Cablevision Upgrades Internet Speeds

By Anonymous

The speed of the Internet will more than double for customers of St. Joseph Cablevision.

The upgrades officially take place on June 1, but the company has been working since Jan. 1 to increase the speed from 3 megabytes per second to 8 megabytes. Monthly subscription rates will not increase.

"Customer survey results show the most important attribute to Internet customers was speed," said Brian Bradley, general manager of St. Joseph Cablevision.

The company is owned by the News-Press and Gazette Co., which also owns the St. Joseph News-Press.

Mr. Bradley said more people are downloading more content and using the Internet more hours of the day.

In addition, Cablevision introduced a Cheetah Priority package at 9 megabytes per second that offers preferred bandwidth connection. The company said the priority package is like driving on a two-lane versus a one-lane highway. It is designed for people playing games or downloading music or other large files.

The priority package is available for $49.95 per month. Cheetah, at 8 megabytes, is available for $39.95 and Cheetah Lite for $24.95.

"This is an extremely competitive speed for any high-occupancy cable provider, let alone in a system of this size," said Matt Hoskins, director of network operations. "St. Joseph now has speeds that compete with most major U.S. cities."

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