September 20, 2008

“Missing Boy” Found After Mobilization

By Bob Heater

A 10 year old boy who wandered off, is returned safely to his worried mother thanks to quick action by law enforcement and fire personnel.

Although this story has a happy ending, a lot of effort by St. Joseph police, fire department, paramedics and utility workers went into Friday's search.

It began Friday afternoon when 10 year old Austin Sanders, of St. Joseph, was waiting for his mother to get off work at the downtown Taco Bell. Austin decided to go to a friends house.but didn't tell his mom who then panicked when she couldn't find him. Police were called to the scene and quickly began combing the downtown area where the child was last scene.

Nearly 50 people were looking for the child including extra officers, the fire department, paramedics friends and water & gas workers. A command post was set up south of civic center park downtown.

About a hour into the search, firefighters found the child playing at a friends house at 12th and Chruch streets.

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