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That’s Cool: Amazon Kindle

September 20, 2008

By Blake Hannon

Amazon Kindle ($359.99)

Many people take pride in amassing a large, expansive book collection. But let’s face it, that first edition of “War and Peace” doesn’t get any lighter come moving day, nor do any of your other reading materials. For a price, you could save a lot of space (not to mention trees) with the Amazon Kindle. It may look like some sort of oversized Gameboy, but this wireless bad boy can hold more than 200 titles (which you can read on digital pages) and can download more than 140,000 books, newspapers, periodicals and blogs. It may look boring and boxy, but that isn’t nearly as embarrassing as the cover of that romance novel with Fabio on the cover you can’t put down. The Amazon Kindle is available at www.amazon.com.

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