September 20, 2008

Free Dvd Voucher Plus Poster & Stickers ; David Attenborough – the Essential Collection

TODAY'S mind-blowing David Attenborough DVD voucher is for the coolest yet - as it spans the globe "From Pole To Pole".

See a ravenous polar bear and her cubs emerge from hibernation plus many more wondrous creatures in the latest of our exclusive David Attenborough Essential Collection. There's also a BBC Wildlife Magazine glossy poster and a set of stickers, too.

This amazing collection features unmissable episodes from David's career on 14 amazing DVDs.

And you'll also get a fantastic collector's box if you apply for the complete set.


YOU can claim an individual DVD, poster and sticker sheet set with the relevant voucher and required postage. To claim the full set of 14 DVDs, posters and sticker sheets collect 10 out of the 14 vouchers we will be printing until Friday, September 26 and send in with the relevant postage. We've also printed a bonus voucher to help you on the way. You can include a maximum of two bonus vouchers when applying for the full set. Bonus vouchers will not be accepted for individual applications. See your voucher (below) for full details.

Terms and conditions

Closing date for applications is Friday October 3, 2008. Failure to send in the required voucher, with correct stamp value, by the time and in the manner specified will make the entry invalid. Please do not send cheques or postal orders. Allow 28 days from the closing date for delivery of your items.

Photocopied vouchers will not be accepted. Offer is strictly subject to availability and items will be distributed on a first- come first-served basis.

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