September 22, 2008

Avanex Introduces Next Generation Chromatic Dispersion Compensation Module

Avanex Corporation (NASDAQ:AVNX), a pioneering provider of intelligent photonic solutions that enable next-generation optical networks, today introduced a family of new fiber-based dispersion compensation solutions with ultra low PMD, making them specifically tailored to the requirements for emerging, high data rate network applications.

"Dispersion compensation fiber (DCF) continues to be the technology of choice for in-line compensation in high data rate networks--for both 40 Gbps and beyond," said Dr. Sanjai Parthasarathi, Senior Director, Product Line Management at Avanex. "For such applications customers want a technology platform that is future proof--channel spacing, bit rate, and modulation format independent. These attributes combined with low group delay and phase ripple make DCF uniquely suited for in-line compensation. With the addition of this low Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) family, Avanex is now delivering a new generation of DCF that address causes of impairment beyond the basic inter-symbol interference penalty."

Along with the basic pulse spreading impairments that DCMs must compensate, PMD is also a major limitation on high speed transmission (40 Gbps and higher). Since fiber allows two orthogonal modes to propagate at the same time, a speed difference between the two modes results in the receiver detecting a broader pulse, thus leading to impairment.

"Given that emerging high data rate applications are very sensitive to PMD, our ultra low PMD dispersion solutions will be highly competitive," Dr. Parthasarathi added. "These new products, with PMD as low as 0.1 ps, represent a significant PMD improvement over other typical industry solutions. We have indications of interest in this product from network system designers at our tier 1 customers."

Underlining the company's focus on providing solutions for emerging high speed networks, Scott Parker, Senior Vice President of Sales at Avanex, said, "The release of this product for in-line applications, along with our TDC (tunable dispersion compensation) for terminal applications, delivers comprehensive dispersion compensation to our growing portfolio of 40 Gbps products. The ultra low PMD DCM is a good example of our continued commitment to invest and innovate for 40 Gbps and emerging 100 Gbps customer applications."

Avanex's products will be on display in the Avanex booth at the 34th European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communication (ECOC 2008) at the Brussels Expo Centre in Brussels on September 22-24, at stands 94-97.

About Avanex

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