September 22, 2008

Embarcadero(R) Change Manager(TM) Transforms the Database Change Management Lifecycle

Embarcadero Technologies today released a groundbreaking version of Embarcadero(R) Change Manager(TM) 5.0, making Change Manager the only database change management tool that provides deep cross-DBMS support from a single user interface, across all three areas of database change management: schema, data, and configuration. Embarcadero Change Manager 5.0 provides developers and DBAs with advanced schema compare and alter functionality, data compare and synchronization capability, and configuration auditing, enabling users to report on database changes, roll out new releases, and pinpoint database performance problems that result from planned or unplanned changes.

"Embarcadero Change Manager 5.0 does for database change management what software source control does for software change management. It provides streamlined database change communication and integration at a deep level to help DBAs and developers increase productivity and avoid costly issues," said Michael Swindell, vice president of products, Embarcadero Technologies.

Change Manager helps administrators ensure that changes applied to the production environment are also applied to the design, development and test environments. It also allows developers and DBAs to reliably roll changes forward between databases and validate the integrity of an environment. Additionally, Change Manager 5.0 provides the ability to take "snapshots" to capture database schema and proactively monitor databases for changes. If an issue occurs, DBAs can use these "snapshots" to review, understand and rollback changes to help ensure optimum database performance.

"Database security is a chief priority for the government and there is a checklist hundreds of pages long that guides our technical implementations, which could easily take a seasoned DBA a week or two to apply to each server," said Ron Lewis, a senior security analyst with CDO Technologies. "Change Manager has relieved us from this time-consuming task by allowing us to create a solid database security configuration on one server and apply that template to our other servers."

As a configuration management tool, Change Manager can compare, monitor and archive database configuration attributes across a multitude of database instances in the enterprise. By auditing configuration settings, DBAs can ensure compliance with regulatory policies and performance standards, and maintain overall database performance and availability.

Additional new features in Change Manager 5.0 include:

-- Single cross-platform, cross-functional application that addresses database schema, data and configuration management and auditing

-- New Personal, Standard, Professional and Ultimate editions tailored to the needs of developers and DBAs

-- Latest DBMS support for Oracle 11g, SQL Server 2005 and 2008, Sybase 15 and DB2 9.5

-- Enhanced source code control integration with virtually any SCC product via the Eclipse Team API

-- Flexible reporting formats, including HTML, PDF, XML, CSV and RTF

-- One-to-many schema comparison to compare one database against several targets in different databases in a single job

-- An enhanced command line interface with command-line generation wizard, multi-job execution with regex matching and ANT scripts generation

-- Enhanced email notification with new Eclipse-Java extension points for customized extensibility

Change Manager also enables developers to support cross-DBMS data compare to compare and synchronize data between two data sources across same or different DBMS platforms. Change Manager supports IBM(R) DB2(R) for LUW, Microsoft(R) SQL Server, Oracle(R) and Sybase(R) from a single application.

Availability and Pricing

Change Manager is now generally available worldwide. North American introductory pricing begins at $400 per user. For more information, visit:

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