September 22, 2008

SiSense Launches Pricing and General Availability of Its Prism Business Intelligence Software

SiSense, a company that provides ad-hoc business intelligence software to individual analysts and small and mid-sized businesses, today announced general availability and pricing of its Prism software. SiSense democratizes business intelligence by letting users access raw business data just by clicking "connect". Its desktop-based product allows any user to unleash the power of business intelligence, regardless of technical knowledge. SiSense's Prism has strong analytics, reporting and graphing capabilities and is the only business intelligence software which doesn't require IT support to work. No scripting or programming is involved.

"Our goal is to help individual analysts as well as small and mid sized businesses do a better job without taxing their resources", said Eldad Farkash, the company's Co-founder and CEO "All of today's business intelligence tools require that data be moved and manipulated. This problem applies equally when people send each other excel sheets and when power users query an OLAP. SiSense eliminates the tremendous behind-the-scenes IT work that is necessary to make business intelligence work. We give our users the ability to work on their own desktop and access the raw data by themselves. Our in-memory technology serves the raw data in a manner that makes sense to users".

Key Facts about Prism 1.0

-- Directly connects to MS SQL Server, My SQL, MS Access, Excel, csv files, Oracle, Google Spreadsheets and Amazon S3 logs

-- Supports sharing and distribution in workgroups, allows real time and offline analysis

-- Powerful analytics with an intuitive user interface

-- Pay-as-you-go licensing model allows for flexible payment plans and no financial commitment. This is especially important in today's financial environment and cost cutting requirements.

"There are two pieces to the business intelligence puzzle", said Elad Israeli, the Company's Co-founder and CTO, "connecting to a data source and expressing queries to analyze the data. While we support the intuitive expression of queries, creating reports, widgets and graphs, the key to democratizing BI is the connection to the data source, making raw data accessible and meaningful to users. Only when a user can click "connect", access the data source with no intermediaries and immediately begin exploring it with our OLAP on the fly, then Business Intelligence becomes pervasive. We are proud to have accomplished this."


Pricing begins at $ 50 per month for a workgroup (and $10-20 a month for additional users). Free and personal versions (at $ 100/year) are offered as well. A trial version can be downloaded at

Loyal User Base

Since the product's beta launch in March, the company has amassed 2,700 users, from companies on the Fortune 500 to small corporations, business intelligence analysts and consultants.

"I love SiSense. I use it to create professional dashboards for executive use. They are easy to create and yet provide in-depth detail", said Shams Jiwani of Piedmont Healthcare.

"At Samsung Telecommunications Americas, we use Sisense to graphically display business performance metrics and present the results to our senior management, using color codes. Basically, we use SiSense as a dashboard that makes it easy to understand when performance is changing without having to go through endless numbers", said Richard Schrader of Samsung Telecommunications Americas.

"At our challenge was analyzing user behavior. Our product is very complex and offers multiple user interactions and we needed a way to give management and analysts a way to data mine without asking the research and development department to create reports. SiSense's Prism has been doing exactly this for us. It is very powerful, but has a simple User Interface that makes it as easy to use as Excel", said Avishai Abrahami of

About SiSense

SiSense provides common sense business intelligence software that assists in visualization, analysis, dashboarding and reporting. SiSense uses a unique in-memory database that allows for complex analytics without building a middle tier for the data, so no scripting, programming or IT efforts are required. SiSense connects to Excel, Google spreadsheets, MySQL, MS SQL server, MS Access, Oracle and csv files and allows analysis and reporting as deep as if there existed an OLAP cube. Building a Dashboard takes less than 5 minutes, there is no scripting or programming. SiSense offers a fully functional trial, free of charge, for 30 days. The trial software can be downloaded at