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Company Profiles- In the following advertorial section, Microwave Journal presents the milestones and technical achievements of companies that have made and continue to make significant contributions to the microwave industry INDEX OF COMPANY PROFILES: Now

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Aethercomm ............................................ 150

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American Microwave Corporation. .......................... 154

Anritsu Company ........................................ 156

Ansoft Corporation....................................... 158

AR Worldwide ........................................... 160

ARC Technologies, Inc. ................................... 162

AWR ..................................................165

Daico Industries, Inc. ..................................... 166

EADS North America Test and Services. ..................... 168

Huber + Suhner AG ...................................... 171

Instruments for Industry Inc. ............................... 172

M/A-COM, Inc. ......................................... 175

MECA Electronics, Inc. ................................... 176

Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc. ............................... 178

Microwave Development Laboratories ....................... 180

Microwave Journal....................................... 182

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Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. ............................ 186

Modelithics, Inc. ......................................... 187

Modular Components National, Inc. ......................... 188

Molex RF/Microwave Connector Division .................... 190

Narda Microwave-East, an L3 Communications Co. ............ 192

R&K Company Limited................................... 195

Reactel, Incorporated..................................... 196

Remcom ............................................... 198

RFMD. ................................................ 200

Rogers Corporation ...................................... 202

Rohde & Schwarz GmbH. ................................. 205

Rosenberger ............................................ 206

Spectrum Microwave, Inc.................................. 207

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies .......................... 208

TNO Defense, Security and Safety .......................... 209


Company History: Aethercomm was founded in June 1999 by Todd Thornton, Terri Thornton, Jim Daube, EdTakacs, Dr Larry Larson and Dr Peter Asbeck in the Thorntons' living room. We moved to our current facilities in January 2000. Aethercomm designs and manufactures RF and microwave systems and subsystems for radar electronic warfare and other communication systems. Our company's first products were RF amplifier modules. We have added multiple product lines since our inception. Our products are predominantly found in military systems on the ground, in the air and at sea. While the majority of Aethercomm products are defense-related, we maintain a strong presence in the commercial arena.

From humble beginnings, we have grown significantly over the past nine years. Aethercomm now employs 90 people and has outgrown our current facilities. We will relocate to our new, state-of-the-art, 47,000 square-foot building in Carlsbad, California, in the first quarter of 2009. Aethercomm maintains a deep appreciation for our customers and our ultimate end-user, the United States Military Warfighter

Company Today:

Aethercomm has transitioned from a small-to-medium production facility to a very large production facility. In the past 2 years, we shipped more than 30,000 RF amplifiers in support of the Global War on Terror

Our ability to manufacture thousands of high quality, complicated RF amplifier assemblies per week has enabled Aethercomm to enjoy exponential growth in both personnel and revenue over the past 4 years. Our new, high volume research and development and production facilities will allow us to meet current demand and expand to accommodate ever growing production programs.

Aethercomm RF amplifiers are combat-proven and built to operate in the harshest environments. Our company transitioned from providing RF modules to designing and manufacturing complex RF and microwave systems that incorporate receivers and transmitters, power conversion circuitry, microprocessor control and complex thermal management systems. These systems are used in fighter and attack aircraft, ground vehicular environments and on shipboard systems. Aethercomm products are also found on sounding rockets that travel 50 to 1500 kilometers above the surface of the Earth.

Company Product Lines:

Aethercomm specializes in manufacturing custom products in the categories below. We also offer an extensive line of commercial-off- the-shelf products. Our product lines include:

* High Power Microwave System Design: Radar transceivers, electronic warfare systems, communication systems, transmitter sections, airborne and ground data links, high power amplifier systems and modules.

* Linear High Power Amplifier Modules: RF amplifier modules from DC to 40 GHz. Power levels up to several thousand watts with high linearity and medium levels of efficiency.

* Broadband High Power Amplifier Modules: RF amplifier modules from DC to 40 GHz with frequency ranges from octave to multi-octave bandwidths. Additional bandwidths include decade level to multi- decade level. The broadest band currently covered is 20 HHz to 6000 HHz in a single module with 10+ watts of output power. The typical power level for these modules is several watts to several hundred watts.

* High Power Pulsed Amplifier Modules: RF amplifier modules for pulsed applications such as TACAN, IFF, Radar, LINKI6 and other pulsed applications. Frequencies range from DC to 40 GHz with power levels up to 5000 watts.

* Low Hoise and Medium Power Amplifiers: Low noise figure and power levels up to several watts. Typical frequencies are DC to 40 GHz.

* Transmitters and Receivers: High power transmitters and low noise amplification in a single low profile RF module with filtering, power conversion and microprocessor control for airborne and ground data links and communications systems. Frequencies from DC to 40 GHz with power levels up to 1000 watts.

* High Power Amplifier Assemblies: Multiple RF modules combined to achieve a much higher power level across broad and narrow bands. These assemblies have custom packaging and heat sinking with power levels up to several thousand watts. Typical frequency ranges are DC to 18 GHz. Higher frequencies are available.

* Rack Mounted Amplifiers and Assemblies: Amplifiers and complete systems and subsystems are available packaged in a standard, 19- inch rack or custom rack as required. Standard features indude high power over a broad or narrow band with internal power conversion, thermal management, digital control and numerous self-protect features. Power levels of several thousand watts are easily achievable with typical operating frequencies from DC to 18 GHz and higher frequency operation available.

* High Efficiency Amplifiers: We manufacture extremely high efficiency amplifiers employing Class AB, Class B, Class C, Class D, Class E, Class F, Class J and Class S amplifiers. These amplifiers are employed in constant envelope modulation schemes powered by battery or solar cells. Typical frequencies are up to 4 GHz with power levels of 20 to 100 watts. Narrowband power-added efficiencies range from 50 to 70 percent depending on frequency and power.

* Build-to-Print, High Volume Manufacturing Services: Aethercomm offers quick, reliable build-to-print and manufacturing services for low, medium and high volumes. We have proven capabilities in engineering and program management, and use automated assembly and test for excellent repeatability. Aethercomm is a small company with low overhead and is an attractive alternative for large prime contractors to utilize us for this service.

Contact Information

Aethercomm, Inc.

2910 Norman Strasse Road, Suite 105

San Marcos, California 92069

Phone: 760.598.4340 * Fax: 760.598.4342

[email protected]

Company History: Agilent Technologies, a spin-off of Hewlett- Packard Co., broke records on Nov. 18, 1999 as the largest initial public offering (IPO) in Silicon Valley history. The US $2.1 billion raised from that IPO was a sharp contrast to the $538 in working capital that founders Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard began with in 1938. From a small garage in PaIo Alto, CA, to employees around the world serving customers in 110 countries, Agilent has a long history of innovation and leadership in the communications, electronics, semiconductor, test and measurement, life sciences and chemical analysis industries. Following its successful IPO in 1999, Agilent is now a fully independent company focusing on high-growth markets in communications, electronics and life sciences. Agilent is recognized as an industry and global leader

Company Today:

As the world's premier measurement company, Agilent works in close collaboration with engineers, scientists and researchers around the globe to meet the communications, electronics, life sciences and chemical analysis challenges of today and tomorrow. The company operates two primary businesses-electronic and bio- analytical measurementsupported by Agilent Laboratories, its central research group. Agilent is committed to providing innovative measurement solutions that enable our customers and partners-the leaders in their fields-to deliver the products and services that make a measurable difference in the lives of people everywhere. With a singular focus on measurement, Agilent helps: * Test more than half of the world's 1.13 billion cell phones

* Equip more than 200 communications service providers

* Advance next-generation integrated voice, video and data

* Enable the military to be more flexible, mobile and reliable

Agilent's electronic measurement business provides standard and customized electronic measurement instruments and systems, monitoring, management and optimization tools for communications networks and services, software design tools and related services that are used in the design, development, manufacture, installation, deployment and operation of electronics equipment and communications networks and services.

In 2006 Agilent introduced the E4898A Bit Error Ratio Tester (BERT) that is the industry's first to operate at speeds of up to 100 Gb/s. That same year Agilent introduced the MXA signal analysis platform which is the industry's fastest signal analyzer with the highest accuracy of any midrange analyzer In 2007 the Agilent E6651A was introduced and became the worlds first integrated Mobile WiMAX(TM) test set enabling designers and manufacturers of Mobile WiMAX(TM) subscriber products to rapidly move from development to volume proauction-improving the integrity and quality of WiMAX devices while reducing cost. Recently Agilent introduced the IndustryFirst HSPA+ test solution for 3GPP-compliant components making it the only commercially available HSPA+ signal analysis test solution in the industry. Agilent also released its newest LTE test products, including the firstto-market LTE UE development test platform, the Agilent E6620A with real-time protocol development tools created in partnership with Anite pic. This LTE UE platform will help R&D engineers speed development of LTE UE design for next- generation mobile communications products.

Company Product Categories:

Agilent's markets for our electronic measurement business include communications test and, general purpose test. In communications test, Agilent sells products and services for the following types of networks and systems:

* Fiber Optics Networks

* Transport Networks

* Broadband and Data Networks

* Wireless Communications

* Microwave Networks

We also provide solutions to enable network, service and customer assurance for network operators.

Additional test products include:

* General Purpose Instruments

* Modular Instruments and Test Software

* Digital Design Products

* Parametric Test Products

* High Frequency Electronic Design Tools

* Electronics Manufacturing Test Equipment

* Thin-film Transistor Array Test Equipment

Contact Information:

Agilent Technologies

5301 Stevens Creek Blvd.

Santa Clara, CA 95051


"In Pursuit of Excellence through Engineering"

Company History: In 1978, Mr. Raymond L Sicotte founded American Microwave Corporation (AMC). Originally AMC manufactured ferrite products and eventually expanded and developed complete product lines of solid state microwave switches, voltage variable attenuators operating up to 18 GHz. AMC has been dedicated to providing state of the art technology in high quality microwave components that meet or exceed the customer's specifications.

In 1990, Dr Ashok K. Gorwara joined AMC as President & CEO bringing many new developments including Detector Logarithmic Video Amplifiers (DLVAs) and sophisticated Integrated Assemblies.

Company Today:

Today, the President & CEO, Dr. Ashok K. Gorwara and Chairman & CFO, Mr Raymond L. Sicotte along with the staff of American Microwave Corporation (AMC) celebrate their 30th Anniversary. American Microwave Corporation (AMC) is currently ISO 9001:2000 certified within the areas of Research, Development, Design and Manufacture of RF & Microwave Components and Integrated Assemblies from DC to 40 GHz. American Microwave Corporation (AMC) has a sister company, Planar Monolithics Industries, Inc. (PMI),



* DC to 40 GHz in Sub-Octave, Octave and Broadband Models

* SPST thru SP64T Solid State Switches

* TTL, ECL, CMOS & RS422 Controls

* High Speed, High Isolation and Low Loss Models

* Variable Rise Time and other specialties available


* 10 MHz to 18 GHz in Sub-Octave, Octave and Broadband Models

* 15 dB to 120dB Dynamic Ranges available

* Linearized Analog and Digitally Variable Models available

* Non-Linearized Current Controlled models also

Detector Log Video Amplifiers:

* 10 MHz to 40 GHz in Narrowband and Broadband Models

* 45 dB and 70 dB Dynamic Ranges available

* CW & Noise Immune Models

* Linear Detector Models

* Very High Sensitivity Models

Contact Information:

Emily King, Sales & Marketing Manager

7311-G Grove Road

Frederick, MD 21704

Tel: 301-662-4700


Email: [email protected]


Company History: Anritsu Company is the American subsidiary of Anritsu Corporation, a global provider of innovative communications solutions for more than 110 years. Anritsu is a global leader in the telecommunications, optical and wireless industries through its diverse product offerings ranging from test and measurement solutions to high-speed devices and components for use in R&D, production and maintenance.

Since incorporating in 1895, Anritsu has been leading the way in innovation. Among the company's advances are the world's first 43.5 GHz 4-channel ultra high-speed error detector, and the V and K connectors. Innovation has stretched into the field, as Anritsu introduced the Site Master(TM) handheld cable and antenna analyzer nearly a decade ago, which redefined the field measurement market.

Those market innovations have helped Anritsu grow through the years and the company now has more than 3,900 employees and is represented in 90 countries for a global presence. Manufacturing is done in Morgan Hill, CA; Atsugi, Japan; and Stevenage, England. US sales headquarters are in Richardson.TX. Additional sales and service offices are within the US, as well as in Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Japan.

Company Today:

A commitment to developing test and measurement solutions for Next Generation Networks (NGNs) is evident in Anritsu's present product offering. Anritsu unveiled the first operational LTE signaling analyzer earlier this year when its MD8430A conducted 100 Mbps downlink demonstrations at CTIA. Anritsu was also the first company to release field test solutions for Fixed and Mobile WiMAX, and is working with partners to develop other instruments used in the development manufacturing, deployment and maintenance of NGNs.

Holding a market leadership position is nothing new for Anritsu. tts handheld cable and antenna analyzers are now the de facto industry standard for base station deployment, installation and maintenance. Anritsu has also been the market leader in Bluetooth test for years.

Anritsu continues to be one of the leading test and measurement suppliers to the Department of Defense (DoD) and other branches of the US government, and to the contractors supporting them. As commercial wired and wireless technologies migrate into government applications, Anritsu is leveraging its worldwide industry leadership to provide a full complement of solutions supporting core programs in the Global Information Grid, including MUOS, FCS, and JTRS, and the Department of Homeland security.

Company Product Categories:

* BER Testers

* Optical Test Instruments

* Bluetooth Testers

* Power Meters

* Conformance Test Systems

* Scalar Network Analyzers

* Handheld Base Station Analyzers

* Signal Generators

* Handheld Cable and Antenna Analyzers

* Signal ing Analyzers

* Handheld Vector Network Analyzer

* Spectrum Analyzers

* JitterTest Solutions

* Vector Network Analyzers

Contact Information

Anritsu Company

1155 East Collins Blvd., Suite 100

Richardson.TX 75081

Toll Free: I-800-267-4878

Phone: + 1-972-644-1777

Fax: +1 -972-671 -1877

Visit us at

Company History: Ansoft was founded in 1984 and grew out of research conducted at Carnegie Mellon University by Ansoft's chairman and chief technology officer, Zoltan J. Cendes, and his colleagues. In 1990, Ansoft shipped the first version of HFSS(TM) which has become the industry-standard software for S-parameter, Full-Wave SPICE(TM) extraction, and 3D electromagnetic field simulation of highfrequency and high-speed components. Propelled by the strength of HFSS, Ansoft grew to become a leading developer of highperformance Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software.The software's unique ability to leverage electromagnetics across component, circuit and system design has allowed companies worldwide to design mobile communication, internet-access, broadband networking components and systems, integrated circuits (ICs) and printed circuit boards (PCBs) as well as electromechanical systems such as automotive components and power electronics systems. In April 1996, Ansoft completed its initial public offering and began trading on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol "ANST"

Company Today:

On March 31, 2008 Ansoft Corporation and ANSYS, Inc. announced the signing of a definitive agreement to combine the two companies to create the leading provider of "bestin-class" simulation capabilities. ANSYS is a leading developer of engineering simulation software and technologies widely used by engineers and designers across a broad spectrum of industries. The combined company will have combined trailing 12-month revenues of $485 million, over 40 direct sales offices and 21 development centers on three continents and approximately 1700 employees worldwide. The combined global operations of Ansoft and ANSYS will enhance the breadth, functionality, usability and interoperability of the combined portfolio of engineering simulation solutions. The combination is expected to increase operational efficiency and lower design and engineering costs for our customers, and accelerate development and delivery of new and innovative products to the marketplace. The complementary combination of Ansoft's and ANSYS' software products and services will give the combined company one of the most complete, independent engineering simulation software offerings in the industry. Company Product Categories:

* Electronic Design Automation software

* RF & microwave design

* Signal- & Power-integrity analysis


Contact Information:

225 West Station Square Drive, STE. 200

Pittsburgh, PA 15219


[email protected]

Company History: Amplifier Research began in 1969 with just two men in a cellar, moonlighting from their regular jobs. Don ("Shep") Shepherd and his late partner Dan Roth, worked for AEL (American Electronics Laboratories), producing radio frequency designs for military applications. They saw a market for their skills in designing amplifiers for test applications, but AEL was not set up for such jobs. So they decided to try and make it on their own. working out of a makeshift laboratory in Shep's cellar The first sale was a 2 watt, 250 MHz amplifier that sold for $600 including $60 for special connectors.

In 1973, AR moved its headquarters to Souderton, PA and 3 years later introduced a 10,000 watt, 10 kHz-100 MHz tube amplifier that's still available today. AR expanded its capabilities in 2001 with the acquisition of Kalmus in Bothell. WA to include amplifier modules and amplifier systems. A year later, Carnel Labs in Canoga Park CA joined the AR family.

Company Today:

Today, AR, celebrating 40 years in business in 2009, has grown dramatically from the 2-person company that started in Shep's cellar to a corporation that employs over 200 people and continues to lead the industry with innovative, superior quality, technologically- advanced products and a global support system that's second to none.

AR, comprised of 3 divisions, provides products and solutions for RF and EMC testing, Wireless & Military communications and beyond. AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation is the worldclass source for broadband high power, solid state RF and microwave amplifiers, TWT amplifiers, transient generators, log periodic and high-gain horn antennas, EMC test software, field probes and much more. AR Modular RF provides RF amplifier systems, RF modules and booster amplifiers for a wireless and military communication, electronic warfare and a variety of industrial/scientific/medical applications. AR Modular RF also helps customers find the best solutions to their most demanding requirements by offering customer-specific designs and semi-custom modifications to our existing product line. AR Receiver Systems manufactures a quality line of products for EMC testing including EMI receivers, impulse generators and measurement systems and leak detectors.

At AR, there's no substitute for quality. It's the foundation of our business and the AR value that's recognized around the globe. With the combined resources of all the AR companies, we simply have more of the best people making the best products to overcome your toughest challenges.

Company Product Categories:

* RF Amplifiers and Antennas, I to 50,000 watts, dc to I GHz

* Microwave Amplifiers, I to 16,000 watts, 0.8 to 45 GHz

* Transient Generators

* Precompliance EMCTest Systems

* Radiated Immunity Test System

* EMC Accessories and Software

* Broadband Solid-State RF amplifier Systems, 5-5000 watts, O. I- 6000 MHz

* RF Modules - broadband, narrowband and custom designs, 5-500 watts, O. I -6000 MHz.

* Military Amplifier Systems and Accessories

* EMI Receivers

* Leak Detectors

Contact Information:

160 School House Road

Souderton, PA 18964

Phone: 215.723.8181

Email: [email protected]


20 Years' Experience in Absorber Technology

Now in its 20th yean ARC Technologies continues to serve the commercial and military electronics industries with a complete line of absorber products and electrically tuned composite materials of the highest quality, manufactured in ARC's 100,000 sq. ft. facility in Amesbury, MA ARC offers a complete range of absorbers, providing innovative solutions to interference problems faced by military, aerospace and commercial electronics design engineers.

ARC concentrates on four major product lines


* Dielectric materials

* Composites

* Advanced Materials

These product lines are produced by dedicated internal "focus factories"-interdisciplinary teams of ARC scientists and engineers well versed in the disciplines of microwave, radar, EMI/EMC, polymer science as well as advanced production processes such as polymer processing, composites fabrication, laminated materials and secondary processing. In response to unique customer challenges, whether at 50 MHz or 100 GHz, nearfield, narrowband or broadband, ARC brings in-depth expertise to each situation. Over the years we have invested heavily in materials expertise, process knowledge and capital equipment to meet evolving customer needs.

Capabilities and Expertise in Advanced Materials and Processes

ARC process capabilities include extruded profiles, sandwiched composites with embedded electronics, precision painted coatings and fluorinated polymer composites fabrication.

Expertise in advanced materials is also one of ARC's critical strengths. Each application has inherent functional and material property requirements to consider. Multifunctional materials, for example, exhibit gradients in some properties as a function of location in the part. ARC's Radar Camouflage Units (RCU) are such a material. These units must survive severe environmental exposure while maintaining unique structural properties dictated by the functional requirements of the part. And they must still perform an important electrical task.

ARC's experience and capabilities in compression molded elastomer combined with their in-house rubber milling operation, make them the only fully integrated MAGRAM manufacturer in the nation.The Syntactic Foam product line, consisting of both tailored dielectic and controlled loss versions, have gained widespread acceptance in a range of applications.

An ISO 9001 company, ARC works continuously to improve its test and inspection capabilities. They maintain a state-of-the-art, environmentally controlled Quality Lab utilizing the most advanced and accurate measuring equipment.

When it comes to solving microwave interference problems in even the most advanced electronic enclosures, ARC Technologies has a product in hand or will develop an application-specific solution to meet the most demanding customer specifications.

Radar Absorbing Materials

Dielectric Foam, Gumstock, MAGRAM Sheets, Coated Honeycomb, Wave- X

Radar Absorbing Solutions:

Composite structures, embedded antenna structures, radar camouflage units, resin injection molded boots, thermoplastic extruded profiles and boots, and decoy subassemblies

Contact Information:

ARC Technologies, Inc.

11 Chestnut Street

Amesbury, MA 01913

Phone: 978-388-2993 Fax: 978-388-6866

e-mail: [email protected]

In the beginning....

In 1994, while designing chipsets for radar systems using current high-frequency EDA tools, Dr Joe Pekarek realized there had to be a better way. He believed the Windows operating system offered unique opportunities that could let RF and microwave designers do their work faster, with greater accuracy - and a lot easier. He felt new tools should address design from the device level through component and system levels seamlessly, from within a single environment. Armed with a vision, a little cash, and the commitment of two like- minded associates, Joe Pekarek founded Applied Wave Research (AWR).

Four years later, the company introduced its first major product, Microwave Office(R) design environment, which gave high-frequency design the "look and feel" of office productivity tools, and the AWR Design Environment(TM) was born.

The response was overwhelmingly positive, verifying their belief that immense productivity gains could be achieved by building on a unified data model. In one platform, designers could now take an idea from concept through simulation to physical implementation, whether driving the design from the schematic, simulation, or layout. And unlike "closed" high-frequency software solutions that restricted access to third-party tools, the "open" AWR Design Environment embraced them by design.That commitment is stronger today than ever

AWR Today

Thousands of users at hundreds of companies around the world rely on AWR's high-frequency design solutions. Along the way, AWR scored impressive industry "firsts," such as real-time tuning of component parameters, EM based models, "project tree" view of design, measurement-driven simulation, real-time layout viewing in 3D, and many more. The Microwave Office design environment has advanced by leaps and bounds in terms of accuracy, speed, and capabilities while remaining true to its creators' vision of openness and ease of use. It is complemented by the Analog Office(R) suite for RFIC design, Visual System Simulator(TM) for system-level analysis and optimization, as well as ACE(TM) circuit extraction technology, APLAC(R) harmonic balance and time-domain transient analysis software, and AXIEM(TM) for 3D planar EM analysis.

With the recent release of the 2008 AWR Design Environment, AWR further increases the power of the platform with more than IOO enhancements encompassing every solution, tool, and technology. Equally impressive, the user interface, already more intuitive than any alternative product, now allows users far greater customization to satisfy personal preferences and improves productivity even further joe Pekarek knew there had to be a better way, and 14 years later; legions of customers would agree that he found it. Major Products

* Microwave Office

* Analog Office

* Visual System Simulator



Contact Information:


1960 East Grand Avenue

Suite 430

El Segundo, CA 90245


[email protected]

Last year Daico Industries marked its 40th year serving the dynamic microwave industry. Just nine years after Microwave Journal began publishing, Daico began filling a critical need for high- precision, super-reliable IF/RF and microwave products and solutions. Early products included switches, phase shifters and other control products operating in the DC to 18 GHz range.

Customer-driven Growth:

Over the years, Daico has added to and expanded its large families of products to provide advanced IF/RF and Microwave Control products and Amplifiers for the ever-demanding Defense Electronics, Aerospace, Commercial Space and other high-end industries. These custom high-reliability products are integral to the complex operations of major radar, navigation, communications, fire control, EW and satellite systems.

Today, Daico offers a broad range of microwave products for custom solutions in IF/RF and microwave frequencies through its large and ready families of control products, amplifiers and multi- function assemblies.

More Than Design and Manufacturing:

We design, build, test and screen products specifically to meet customers' rigorous requirements. Additionally, we offer build-to- print (contract manufacturing) services. With its stable and repeatable processes, along with skilled manufacturing and test personnel, Daico builds legacy products to the same exacting standards of performance and reliability to which you build them. In the process, Daico also redesigns and updates them to extend the service while reducing manufacturing costs and improving overall performance.

Major Products:

Custom Products in RF/IF and Microwave Frequencies, DC to 18 GHz:

* Control Products: Switches, Attenuators, Phase Shifters, Antenna Selectors

* Amplifiers: High-Power, Low Noise, Broadband

* Multifunction Assemblies: Adaptive Gain Modules, 4-channel Dp- converters, Switchable Filters

* Build-to-Print Contract Manufacturing

Markets Served:

* Defense: Surveillance,Training, Fire Control

* Aerospace: Radar Communications, ECM

* Commercial Space: Communications, Payloads

* Industrial: Controls

Contact Information

1070 East 233rd Street

Carson, CA 90745

Phone: 310 507 3242

Fax: 310 507 5701

Company History: EADS North America Test and Services was originally founded in 1959 and became one of the 13 original Racal Group companies. Originally it was named Racal-Dana, but ultimately became known as Racal Instruments. A brief synopsis of our history follows:

1960s: Introduced the industry's first Auto-Ranging RF Counter With over 35,000 instrumentation units deployed todate, this established the Company as the de facto choice for time and frequency measurement instrumentation worldwide.

1970s: Developed the industry's first modular instrument chassis and plug-in switching cards and patents a novel technique for phase- locked RF signal synthesis-a method that is still the basis for all products of this kind today.

1980s: Delivered the first DIANA battlefield-deployable, integrated test and repair mobile platform to the MOD, establishing a new level of integration and Test Program Software (TPS) performance for the military and commercial markets.

1990s: Commanded a market leadership position within the Wireless and Broadband/Photonics markets, through an unprecedented level of innovation in product design in our GSM base station testers, Air Interface Protocol test systems, laser diode burn-in stations, and LIV characterization systems. We also launched our turnkey test system business with the establishment of aTest Program Set (TPS) group.

Early 2000s: Became a major player in the semiconductor production market through the development of our semiconductor burn- in test system. We were purchased by EADS North America and folded into EADS North America Test and Services with the former ARC, a leader in legacy software migration and the former Talon Instruments, a leader in digital instrumentation.

Company Today:

We are true to our roots and continue to develop state-ofthe-art instruments adapted for the ever demanding and developing technology market. We continue to upgrade and modify our existing product lines in a variety of test platforms: VXI, PXI, GPIB, Ethernet- controlled, and more. Our company continues to expand our wide range of switch cards for RF/Microwave, digital power, and optical signals.

We have furthered our presence in the semiconductor market through the development of our hybrid and burn-in testers and have developed the turnkey standard for the US Navy jet and shaft engine test. EADS North America Test and Services has gone one step further and introduced a new N-GEN(TM) tester that can be used in both military and commercial engine test applications.

Our company's mission statement is to enable our customers to deliver reliable and technologically advanced products by providing creative solutions that exceed expectations with consistent results. With our engineering and business development talent located throughout the world, we are able to anticipate the challenges our customers will experience and design, develop, and produce the test products and systems required for the future.

Company Product Categories:

We design, manufacture, and service modular, test instruments, chassis and switching systems. We provide turnkey test systems that take advantage of today's most advanced hardware and software. These systems are versatile, scalable, multivendor solutions that are easily upgraded by incorporating modular COTS equipment. We can even develop resource performance verification, calibration, programs, and system self-tests. Because our customers have invested great resources in test programs and fixtures, we continue to service legacy systems through an eclectic mix of cutting-edge solutions, including Total System Life Management.

From modular instruments to turnkey automatic test systems and legacy systems support, we are experts in an everwidening spectrum of testing applications.This includes commercial functional test and measurement, laser diode burn-in and production, microprocessor production, jet engine and shaft engine test, and communications test. We are able to address all markets - military, aerospace, telecommunications, semiconductor, and commercial manufacturing and services. Testing is our business. Excellence is what we know.

Contact Information:

EADS North America Test and Services

4 Goodyear


(800) 722-2528

(949) 859-8999

[email protected]


Cost of Living

* Yearly inflation rate US 2.73%

* Yearly inflation rate UK 2.7%

* Average cost of new house $12,750.00

* Average monthly rent $92.00

* Average yearly wages $4600.00

* Cost of a gallon of gas is 25 cents

Popular Films

* The Bridge on the River Kwai

* South Pacific

* Gigi

* King Creole

* Vertigo

Popular Singers

* Elvis Presley

* Billie Holiday

* Ricky Nelson

* Frank Sinatra

* The Everly Brothers

* Ella Fitzgerald

* Jerry Lee Lewis

Popular TV Programs

* Candid Camera

* The Ed Sullivan Show

* Come Dancing

* The Jack Benny Show

* Panorama

* Alfred Hitchcock Presents

* By now, more than 45 million American households have television sets.


* The John Birch Society, a radical anti-Communist organization, is created in the US.

* Dr. Zhivago is published in the US. Banned in the USSR, Zhivago won author Boris Pasternak the Nobel Prize which he was forced to decline due to political forces at home.

* The price of 1st class US postage is raised to 40 from 3c where it had been for 26 years. Hard to believe-only a penny in 26 years.

* Charles de Gaulle becomes premier of France, a position he will hold until 1969.

Company History: HUBER+SUHNER's roots lie with two family-owned companies that were founded in the 19th century and evolved independently along similar lines. The Aktiengesellschaft R+E. HUBER, established in Pfaffikon, Switzerland, in 1882 was a telegraph wire and cable factory with the additional designation of'Rubber and Gutta-percha Goods Factory. 'The SUMMER & Co. AG was established in Herisau, Switzerland in 1864 and was well-known for its cables and cable insulation, plastics compression factory and injection moulding. The two companies merged in 1969 into HUBER+SUHNER AG, with the corporate philosophy of 'Excellence in Connectivity Solutions.' The company focuses on the core competencies of radio frequency, fiber optics and low frequency technologies.

Company Today:

Today, HUBER+SUHNER is a leading global supplier of components and systems for electrical and optical connectivity. The industrial group with its headquarters in Switzerland was established in 1969. Currently, it operates 17 subsidiaries and employs 3500 people. It is also represented by 100 distributors in additional countries. The shares of HUBER+SUHNER are listed on the Swiss stock exchange (SWX Swiss Exchange) in Zurich.

The company offers technical expertise in radio frequency, fiber optics and low frequency engineering under a single roof, providing a broad range of products that can be relied on in the company's target markets of communication, transportation and industrial applications.

Company Product Categories:

HUBER+SUHNER serves the communication, industrial and transportation markets with cables, connectors, assemblies, cable systems, antennas and accessories that are developed and produced utilising fiber optics and high and low frequency technologies.

Contact Information:


Degersheimerstrasse 14

CH-9100 Herisau, Switzerland

Tel.+41 7l 35341 I I

Fax +41 7l 353 4444

[email protected]


Company History: IFI is a leader in amplifier technology, originally founded in 1953, and now the only manufacturer building product in-house from DC-45 GHz. The staff of IFI has several decades of individual experience in amplifier configurations beginning with devices such as Solid State transistors of all types, Tetrode Tubes and Traveling Wave Tubes. Our staff has been involved with the design, development and manufacturing of everything from the most basic test equipment to the most sophisticated military systems. This abundance of education and experience is what we put to work for our customers, working in concert to find cost effective solutions for their requirements. Company Today:

IF I is located in Ronkonkoma, New York on Long Island and just minutes from !Ilip MacArthur airport, and 40 miles from JFK and LaGuardia airports. IFI is an ISO900I-2000 registered company and our 14,000 square foot facility is where we design and manufacture the best amplifier products available today. We build in accordance to MIL-I-45208A and can implement special quality control procedures as required by the end user IFI is actively involved in the design & manufacture of Solid State, Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) and Tetrode tube amplifiers (Pulsed & CW) and continues with development of low, medium & high power state-of-the-art products enhancing our product lines. Our designs are the simplest for customers to use, while providing the maximum amount of user information for the test application. The equipment is designed for any remote control a customer could require, which is why IFI equipment is used successfully in applications all around the world.

IFI offers customers the ability of tailoring our products for the required application. We can add, delete or configure our amplifier products to best fit any customer's need. see our Amplifier option list @ amplifiers/ ampmain.html. Although most amplifiers come fully loaded, we continue our tradition of customizing our equipment for a customer's specific application. IFI's experience extends to ruggedized environmentally protected equipment for Military applications which include outdoor applications for EW/ECM applications as well as communications.

Company Product Categories:

IFI manufactures low, medium and high power amplifiers; CW amplifiers with power levels to 5000 watts and Pulse amplifiers to 50,000 watts. IFI manufactures a full range of TWT, Solid State and Tetrode Tube Amplifiers, as well as Antennas, E-Field Sensors, TEM Cells and RF & Microwave accessories. These products are used for EMC/RF testing applications for commercial and military programs as well as Military EW/ECM applications and are utilized by the automotive, aircraft, military, medical, electronics, wireless, communications and educational markets. Customers can purchase a complete solution for all their testing requirements from a single source. IFI is offering "Single Amplifier Solutions" from 10 KHz to 3 GHz, 0.8 GHz to 18 GHz and 18 GHz to 40 GHz. These single amplifier solutions are ideal for all types of testing, simplifying the customers' test setups by providing time savings for other necessary lab tasks.

Contact Information:

903 South second St.

Ronkonkoma, NY I 1779


E-mail: [email protected]


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Other organizations celebrating 50th anniversaries this year

* Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

* National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

* Small Business Administration (SBA)

Company History: Founded in 1950 by three engineers, M/A-COM began as Microwave Associates in a small rented office on Columbus Avenue in Boston, Massachusetts. Launched with just $ 10,000 in capital, its first customer was the US Army Signal Corps, which funded R&D for cuttingedge radar systems. In the years to follow, the company firmly established itself as a technological powerhouse through continued devotion to investment in research and development (R&D).

Focused on the rapidly emerging semiconductor business, M/ACOM expanded its horizons in the 1960s and 1970s through strategic acquisitions and the company's faithful commitment to R&D. To reflect the evolving nature of the industry and the company's involvement in the growing communications market, Microwave Associates legally changed its name to M/A-COM, Inc. in 1978. During the 1980s and 1990s, M/A-COM reinvented itself again, shifting its major business focus from the aerospace and defense sector to the commercial market. In 1998 M/A-COM changed its name to Tyco Electronics M/A-COM. Still a major player in aerospace and defense, the company brought its expertise to the wireless telecommunications and automotive markets over the past decade.

Company Today:

Tyco Electronics M/A-COM:The First Name in Radio Frequency: As a leader in wireless RF and microwave components and subsystems.Tyco Electronics M/A-COM's products are vital to many of the world's largest wireless telecom, aerospace and defense, and automotive companies.

Tyco Electronics M/A-COM has a long history of realizing synergies between commercial and defense applications, i.e., developing technologies and products for one market and then applying them to the other;This "dual use" approach allows the company to successfully serve both commercial and defense markets. To ensure responsive customer service, the company's products are marketed by a global sales team, including direct sales engineers, sales representatives, and distributors.

On May 13, 2008,Tyco Electronics Ltd. announced the company has entered into a definitive agreement to sell its Radio Frequency Components and Subsystem business to Cobham Defense Electronic Systems, a subsidiary of Cobham pic.

Company Product Categories:

Tyco Electronics M/A-COM's technology and expertise extend across a broad range of solutions for the aerospace and defense, commercial wireless telecommunications, broadband, automotive, and RFID markets. Tyco Electronics M/ACOM products are utilized around the globe in cellular infrastructure, handsets, WLAN, WiMAX, CATV1VSAT, RFID, automotive, test and measurement, radar, electronic warfare, missile guidance, and space applications. Tyco Electronics M/A-COM offers one of the broadest selections of standard and custom products in the industry, including:


* RF/microwave diodes, power transistors and RFIC/MMICs

* Ferrite isolators and circulators

* Synthesizers

* Short-range sensors and antenna modules for automotive applications

* RFID subsystems and active tags


* High-performance subsystems for missile, electronic warfare, and radar systems

* Signal intelligence receivers

* Antennas

* Cable assemblies

* Active components

Tyco Electronics M/A-COM enjoys a reputation for strengths in manufacturing, reliability, and quality. M/A-COM's operations are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AS 9100, and QS-9000.

Contact Information:

Tyco Electronics M/A-COM

1011 Pawtucket Blvd.


Americas - Phone: 1-800-366-2266

Europe/Middle East/Africa Phone: 44 ( 1908) 574200

Asia/Pacific - Phone: 81.44.844.8296

Company History: After many years as a Senior Projects Engineer at ITT Federal Laboratories in Nutley, NJ; Ronald R. Davo founded Microwave Electronic Components of America in July of 1961. MECA's main business focus through the 1960s and early 1970s was primarily components used in radar systems for the United States Government. During the mid1970s, MECA began designing and producing customized products for Bell Laboratories (Murray Hill, NJ). These components were utilized in the Series I AUTOPLEX Cell Sites nationally deployed in the late-1980s/early-1990s. Since Ron's passing in 1992, MECA has remained a privately-owned, family business, and his son William (Chuck) Davo is now owner and President of the company.

Company Today:

MECA is recognized worldwide as a primary source of supply for rugged and reliable components to commercial OEM's, Service Providers and Installers but has also kept true to the original business focus of supporting Military OEMs with American-made products for L, S, C, x and Ku bands applications. Extensive distribution channels internationally have increased MECA's global presence to a large extent; however, the key to successfully delivering products to the field on time, every time continues to be MECA's unique ability to manufacture cost-effective products without reliance on foreign materials and labor The quality and consistency of our products differentiates us from the countless start-ups & brokers who buy/resell off-shore materials and is the reason why we proudly offer a 36 month warranty on ALL of our components.

Company Product Categories:

MECA designs and manufactures an extensive line of RF/Microwave components with industry leading performance including:

* Adapters

* Bias Tees

* Cable Assemblies

* DC Blocks

* Directional & Hybrid Couplers

* Fixed Attenuators

* Isolators/Circulators

* Power Divider/Combiners

* RF Loads

MECA serves all areas of the RF and Microwave industries including world class network providers and supporting supply chain infrastructure, and has long been the "backbone" of high performance wired and air-interfaced networks such as base station, in-building applications, satellite communications, radar radio communications, telemetry applications, mobile radio, aviation & air traffic communications.

Contact Information:

MECA Electronics, Inc.

459 East Main Street

Denville, NJ 07834

[email protected]

Company Description

Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc. was founded in June 1990 with the purpose of supplying the microwave community with YIG-Based products that provide technically superior performance at competitive prices with the highest regard to customer service and quality.

A privately held corporation, Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc. has been formed from a core of individuals with specialized YIGbased component experience combined with analog, digital and PLL specialists to yield a strong dynamic technical staff. High volume manufacturing techniques have been implemented across all product lines along with standardized mechanical and electrical designs, which lend themselves to low cost and high volume applications.

Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc. maintains a commitment to Total Quality Management and Just-In-Time concepts throughout the organization. Our integrated manufacturing system combines sales orders, work orders, accounting, inventory and scheduling. Material planning is supported by an MRP module, which coordinates subcontractor material requirements. Product standardization focusing on a repeatable manufacturing process enables Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc. to stock material, allowing for very short build cycles.

Our quality program is based on MIL-I-45208A with internal procedures written to the intent of ISO-9000 and MIL-Q9858. Emphasis is placed on training and each individuals responsibility to quality from customer service to shipping.

Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc. is a market driven company, which has been pushing YIG-Technology on a consistent basis into new and foreign markets and applications. Consistent product development based on "Standard Module Concepts" has yielded many "State-of- theArt" designs and products currently being deployed in the latest Instrumentation, Wireless and Military applications around the world.This has lead Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc. to become the largest independentYIG-Based component supplier in the market today.

Markets Served

* Test and Measurement Instrumentation

* VXI, PXI and VME Miniaturized Instrumentation

* ELINT and SIGINT Receivers

* SATCOM and TELECOM Applications

* LMDS/MVDS Wireless Data & Voice

* Digital Radio

- Point-to-Point

- Point-to-Multi Point

* Radar


* ECM & EW

Major Products

* YIG Oscillators 500 MHz to 40 GHz

- Electro-Magnetic

* YIG Oscillators 2 GHz to 20 GHz

- Permanent Magnet

* YIG Filters 500 MHz to 46 GHz

- Bandpass

- Band Reject (Notch)

- Dual Channel

- Permanent Magnet

* YIG Harmonic Generators ( Multipliers) I GHz to 20 GHz

* Analog and Digital Interfaces

-TTL Binary

- 3 Wire Serial

* Phase Locked Sources 2 GHz to 20 GHz

(40 GHz with doublers)

- Fixed Frequency

- Internal Reference


* Frequency Synthesizers 500 MHz-16 GHz

- Wideband Low Noise

- Narrowband Low Noise

- Digital Radio

- Integrated Frequency Doublers

* YIG-Based Sub-Assemblies

Contact Information:

Micro Lambda, Inc

46515 Landing Parakway

Fremont, CA 94538

P: (510) 770-9221 * F: (510) 770-9213

[email protected]

Present at the Dawn of the Microwave Age

Microwave Development Laboratories has been at the forefront of the microwave industry for sixty years, ever since its inception in the years immediately following World War II. The company, started in 1948 by Dr Henry Riblet, a former mathematics professor and MIT Radiation Lab veteran, quickly became the largest independent producer of waveguide and subassemblies in the industry.

Dr Riblet's life work with MDL resulted in many patents on mechanical and electrical devices and many contributions to the theory and application of microwave circuitry. None of his contributions proved more enduring than the short-slot coupler known throughout the industry as the Riblet Coupler. The Riblet Coupler proved to be a foundational component for the microwave industry and is still found in microwave systems today.

Throughout its history MDL has led the industry with imaginative and innovative microwave solutions. In the 1950s MDL was among one of the first companies to design rotary joints. For NASA's Apollo moon program in the 1960s MDL designed a thin wall monopulse comparator for the Lunar Excursion Module, the lander portion of the Apollo spacecraft. In the 1970s MDL developed waveguide feed and monopulse networks for the F-14 and F-15 fighter aircraft. In the 1980s the company introduced internally milled technology to reduce the size and weight and improve the performance of MDL components used in the radar systems on the F-18 and B-2 aircraft.

Quality from CAD to Crate

Today MDL's product lines include waveguide assemblies used on unmanned vehicles such as the Predator and Global Hawk, the Patriot system and Phalanx close-in weapon systems. All are engineered and manufactured at MDL's state-ofthe-art manufacturing and testing facility, which includes inhouse NC machining, Dip Brazing and Finishing, and where all products undergo 100% functional performance verification and R.F. testing using the latest network analyzers.

Custom work is MDL's stock in trade. MDL engineers, highly experienced in the very latest SolidWorks, Ansoft HFSS, and proprietary software, quickly turn customer design challenges into real solutions. Using Ansoft HFSS, MDL engineers compute s- parameters and full wave fields. Designs are modeled mechanically on SolidWorks and then exported directly to the NC machine. As the microwave industry continues to grow and the demand for higher frequencies and smaller; more precise waveguide products accelerates, MDL will remain a trusted supplier known for its exceptional service, high reliability and leading edge solutions.

Major Products

Custom waveguide assemblies, monopulse comparators, rotary joints, microwave filters, rotary switches, waveguide to coax adapters, waveguide pressure windows, cast bends and twists, waveguide and flanges.

Contact Information:

135 Crescent Road

Needham Heights, MA 02494

Phone: 781-292-6680/6684


[email protected]

Company History: Microwave journal published its first issue in July of 1958. Founder and Publisher William Bazzy declared that "Our objective is simply to offer a forum to the industry and be the means of communication for the people in this segment of the electronic field." Led by Editor Ted Saad, a distinguished group of associates contributed their knowledge and talent to the pages of MWj, sharing their1 expertise on the cutting edge products and technologies of the time. The first issue carried several now "classic" articles, including "The Forward Look in Microwave Plumbing" by Tore Anderson, reprinted earlier this year as part of our retrospective series. It carried twenty three ads in its fifty pages and was distributed to 12,000 microwave engineers. Company Today:

Microwave journal celebrates its 50th year in print this month, and has established itself as the leading news and information resource for RF/microwave engineers worldwide. Today, the magazine reaches 50,000 readers in more than sixty countries, and carries more than two hundred pages of content each month. The publishing industry has certainly changed over the past fifty years, with the most dramatic change coming in recent years. The emergence of electronic media has brought dynamic new platforms for the delivery of information. Microwave Journal led the market with the first website to serve the industry and the first digital edition in the industry. The website now serves more than 50,000 registered users and the digital edition is becoming ever more popular. Several eNewsletters provide subscribers with current news and product information. Webinars, including the popular MWJ/Besser series present tutorials by distinguished speakers at no cost. Industry events are covered with Online Show Dailies and event "wrap-ups" for those unable to attend. It's been an exciting fifty years, and the next half century looks to be just as exciting.

Company Product Categories:

Microwave journal serves the RF and microwave design engineering community with a portfolio of print and electronic products that deliver news, technical information and resources in daily, weekly and monthly formats.

Contact Information:

Microwave Journal

685 Canton Street

Norwood, MA 02062


[email protected]

Company History: The name was chosen because we wanted to show we recognized that our real mission wasn't just providing hardware, but rather that we were solving a customer's technical problems.

The year 1984 was a good year to start a new microwave amplifier company! We knew this because right away we noticed we had a lot of competitors who were also recent start-ups. Our first order was from a major aero-space company for a dozen each of a thin-film amplifier operating at a classified Ku-band frequency. At that point we were basically just a three person company, the founder one assembler and one technician, so for us, this was quite a technical, engineering, manufacturing and administrative chalenge! We had to really work to get our Q/A and manufacturing capabilities qualified by our customer while at the same time doing the engineering designs and getting all the paperwork completed for our security clearance and all the other government regulations. Not only did we successfully complete that order but we were subsequently awarded additional contracts for hundreds of more units from that same customer sometimes competing, successfully, for the business against companies that had thousands of employees.

Company Today:

Now in our twenty-fourth year, Microwave Solutions, Inc.(R) continues to have the reputation for demanding the highest standards for our products. Microwave Solutions, Inc.(R) upholds this reputation by maintaining Strang relationships with our suppliers and a base, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, and a professional staff dedicated to the principle that the key to satisfied customers is product quality, competitive prices and on-time delivery. Our continued success, both in - terms of growing sales and number of satisfied customers, stands as validity of our approach to excellent customers' service.

* Today, our mission remains the same: To supply the highest quality microwave components at the lowest possible prices.

Company Product Categories:

Our core products are still primarily custom microwave amplifiers. But we've also leveraged that capability into building a large variety of related products, such as modules that have phase shifters, couplers, filters, gain control, limiting and other microwav