September 22, 2008

SecureLogix Announces Free Availability of VoIP Security Assessment Tool Suite

SecureLogix Corporation today announced that it is releasing a suite of custom voice-over-IP (VoIP) security assessment tools, which are now available for free download from the company's website (

These tools can be used to assess susceptibility to a wide variety of SIP threats, including Denial-of-Service (DoS) and Man-in-the-Middle attacks, eavesdropping, audio insertion and deletion, and even call teardown.

Earlier versions of some of these tools, developed by CTO and VP of engineering Mark Collier and R&D team member Mark O'Brien, were released along with publication of the book Hacking Exposed: VoIP (McGraw Hill, 2006), which Collier co-authored. These tools are now well known in the VoIP security community and the de facto standard tools for the types of vulnerabilities they assess. Collier and his team have since enhanced these tools and simplified their use. They have also developed a number of others while completing publicly funded research into current and future threats to VoIP systems, protocols and application services.

These new VoIP security assessment tools compliment the company's voice network security scanner that identifies modem vulnerabilities in traditional circuit-switched networks, also available for free download from the SecureLogix website. Almost all organizations deploying VoIP maintain a significant amount of legacy voice infrastructure, especially at the voice network edge where it connects to long distance service providers. The combination of these VoIP and legacy scanning tools provides a comprehensive approach to identifying critical voice security vulnerabilities across an organization's entire mix of VoIP and legacy infrastructure and systems. This full voice network security approach is unique to SecureLogix.

"SecureLogix pioneered security solutions for voice networks with the first release of our award-winning flagship product in 1999, now known as the ETM(R) System," said Collier. "As voice networks have evolved and VoIP has entered the market, SecureLogix has remained at the forefront of voice security research and development. We provide products and services--our free modem scanner, these VoIP security assessment tools, and paid Voice Assessment Service analyst engagements--that enable you identify vulnerabilities and cost savings opportunities in your enterprise voice network. We also provide the products and managed services you need to secure, monitor, and manage your entire voice network, whether VoIP, TDM, or a mix of the two."

For more information about these tools and their uses, see Collier's popular VoIP Security Blog at

About Mark Collier

Mark Collier is CTO and VP of Engineering for SecureLogix Corporation. Collier is responsible for technology research, development and related intellectual property, including a special focus on VoIP security solutions. In addition to his corporate R&D work, he has completed publicly funded research into current and future threats to VoIP systems, protocols and application services. Collier is a frequently quoted author and presenter on the topic of voice and VoIP security, author of the popular VoIP Security Blog, and has co-authored a book on VoIP security entitled Hacking Exposed: VoIP (McGraw Hill, 2006). Collier is a founding member of the VoIP Security Alliance (, an industry group focused on VoIP security education.

About SecureLogix

SecureLogix, a Gartner designated "Cool Vendor" and a member of the Deloitte Fast 500, is a unified communications intelligence and security company. SecureLogix's 5th generation solutions enable customers to save money through securing and optimizing IP Telephony and legacy voice networks, allowing confident migration to tomorrow's Unified Communications environment. SecureLogix technologies are currently protecting and managing over three million corporate and government phone lines. The SecureLogix ETM(R) (Enterprise Telephony Management) Solution provides enterprise-wide intelligence, security, visibility, and control across distributed, multi-vendor networks. The ETM System has been named "Security Product of the Year" and "Most Outstanding Product of the Year" by Network Computing. For more information, visit SecureLogix on the Web at

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