Service-Now.Com Suggests Google Chrome Improvements for Enterprise SaaS Consumption

September 22, 2008

As the first enterprise provider of IT service management via SaaS, Service-now.com is built on the Internet. Service-now.com works to deliver compatibility with its customers’ most commonly used browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, the iPhone browser and Google Android implementations.


Fred Luddy, Service-now.com founder and CEO, said, “Our Google Chrome compatibility testing is officially done. We made phenomenal progress, provided feedback to the Chromium project and, in the process, helped Safari users.

“It remains to be seen if Chrome is a fad or an enduring trend, especially in the corporate world. We are trying to keep this new WebKit implementation in perspective as we allocate our development resources. Frankly, I think our mobile customer base might be better served by us putting the same effort into testing a mobile interface like the iPhone and Android implementations of WebKit.”

Chrome Polish

Service-now.com would like to see the Chromium project improve Chrome developer tools to the level of Firefox and Internet Explorer developer tools.

Bugs on the Chrome

Service-now.com bug reports verified:

— The multiple-process model is not bullet proof and Service-now.com developers have seen the entire browser session error out when killing a specific tab.

— Mouse scroll wheel doesn’t work on multiple tested Web pages.

Multimedia resources

— Screenshot of Service-now.com Criticial Incident Map — Google Map mashup running in Google Chrome

— Screenshot of Service-now.com CMDB — running in Firefox 3

— Screenshot of Service-now.com Service Catalog — running in Internet Explorer 7

About Service-now.com

Service-now.com is the pioneer of on-demand IT service management software. Service-now.com integrates ITIL v3 processes, software-as-a-service delivery, and Web 2.0 functionality to deliver a flexible, intuitive and self-managing application. Service-now.com was founded by Fred Luddy, former CTO of Peregrine Systems and Remedy. The company is based in Solana Beach, Calif. and has more than 190 customers worldwide. For more information, please visit http://www.service-now.com/.

 Service-now.com contact information: Rhett Glauser Desk: 858.345.1408 Mobile: 858.345.0148 Email: Rhett.glauser@service-now.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/rglauser

SOURCE: Service-now.com

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