September 22, 2008

TransCore Marks Technology’s 25th Anniversary

By Journal Staff Report

TransCore, the largest global supplier of transportation based radio frequency identification (RFID) products, celebrated the 25th silver anniversary of its RFID technology recently at the company's Albuquerque-headquartered Amtech Technology Center for research, development, and manufacturing.

TransCore's RFID heritage traces back to the 1980s when five scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory developed RFID technology for two divisions of the federal government: the Department of Energy to track vehicles and nuclear materials; and the Department of Agriculture to track cattle and monitor their health, the company said in a news release.

The development team left Los Alamos National Laboratory to commercialize the technology and founded Amtech, later acquired by TransCore.

TransCore's RFID technology is one of the long-term success stories of New Mexico-based Los Alamos National Laboratory's technology transfer program. TransCore's RFID technology is now deployed in transportation applications in 39 countries with more than 35 million RFID tags and 55,000 readers distributed worldwide.

Attendees at the event included TransCore's Commercial Technology Group President John Worthington; Chief Financial Officer Joe Grabias; and Executive Vice President of Operations & Manufacturing George McGraw.

The remaining members of the original scientific team honored at the event included: Dr. Jerry Landt; Dr. Gary Seawright; Al Koelle; and Paul Salazar.

TransCore also honored Rand Brown, one of the original five scientists and Amtech founder who died in 2005, by making a scholarship donation to the University of New Mexico Engineering Department to assist an electrical engineering student.

TransCore's Albuquerque-based Amtech Technology Center, located at 8600 Jefferson NE, employs more than 284 people

The 7,500 square-foot facility on 8.3 acres houses the research and development teams, manufacturing, and support functions. Also located at Albuquerque's Fiesta Balloon Festival Park is TransCore's test track facility to design sophisticated open road tolling wireless applications.

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