September 22, 2008

CSMG Technologies President Purchases 300,000 Shares of Common Stock


Michael Dodge, 212-495-0744

[email protected]


CSMG Technologies, Inc.

Donald S. Robbins, 361-887-7546

President and CEO


K. Bruce Jones, 770-955-0409


CSMG Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:CTGI), a technology management company, reported Chairman and President Donald S. Robbins purchased 300,000 common shares from the Company at $0.625 per share for an aggregate $187,500, on September 17, 2008. Mr. Robbins direct ownership of CSMG Technologies, Inc. common shares is now 2,941,904.

About CSMG Technologies, Inc.

CSMG Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: CTGI) together with its subsidiaries, operates as a technology management company. The company engages in owning, developing, patenting, managing, licensing, and marketing technologies.

Subsidiary Live Tissue Connect (LTC) provides live biological tissue bonding technology that focuses on bonding living soft biological tissue used in surgical procedures, without the use of sutures, staples, sealants, or glues. In July 2008, LTC received US FDA 510(k) clearance to market its VAD System for Duct and Vessel sealing. In late August 2008 LTC was awarded CE Mark (Conformite Europeene) certification clearing the way for marketing in Europe.

In June 2008, CSMG acquired Carbon Capture Technologies Inc. which owns a worldwide exclusive license to a composition and method for use of a novel Carbon Dioxide (CO2) adsorbent. Researchers at the University of Ottawa developed recyclable CO2 adsorbents based on surface modified nanoporous silicas. The materials show fast and reversible high adsorption capacity, allowing it to be reused repeatedly in a high throughput periodic cyclic adsorption process. The adsorbents can be used in both wet and dry environments, potentially eliminating significant engineering challenges. The potential uses for the technology include capturing the bulk of C02 emissions from coal-fired power plants in order that these greenhouse gasses could be sequestered and thus reduce the carbon footprint of such facilities, as well as surgical and mine rescue applications.

CSMG was incorporated in 1992 and is headquartered in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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