September 23, 2008

Avanex to Supply Tunable Dispersion Compensation Modules for Submarine System Terminals

Avanex Corporation (NASDAQ:AVNX), a pioneering provider of intelligent photonic solutions that enable next-generation optical networks, today announced that it has successfully validated the performance of its PowerShaper tunable dispersion compensation (TDC) modules for use in submarine network terminals. Avanex is working with submarine equipment vendors to implement a high performance dispersion management solution. The TDC's flexible controls compensate for up to 2000 ps/nm of residual dispersion at the receiver for each 10 Gbps transmission channel.

The Avanex PowerShaper PS3200 TDC is specifically designed to meet the greater compensation requirements of long submarine routes. The reach of these submarine routes often pushes the transmission system to its longest limits. Any uncompensated impairments will interfere with error-free transmission.

The PowerShaper TDC family manages dispersion continuously over a wide optical pass-band using patented, thermally tuned, solid-state optical etalons. The TDC combines low phase error, low group delay ripple, and all-pass amplitude performance with precise, stable control electronics and a feature-rich control language, all in a compact form factor.

"Transmission systems must be designed around a chromatic dispersion budget for both fixed and variable dispersion sources," said Richard Smart, General Manager of Advanced Module and Subsystem Products at Avanex. "Long distance submarine systems can benefit by combining fixed dispersion compensation modules with tunable dispersion compensation. While most of the link dispersion can be compensated by fixed fiber modules, management of residual and variable dispersion is greatly simplified with a TDC that compensates for a wide range of dispersion values."

An additional application occurs in a repair situation where immediate, on-site TDC adjustments can eliminate the need for additional link engineering and stocking an inventory of spare dispersion compensation modules with specific values.

Scott Parker, Senior Vice President of Sales at Avanex, commented, "Error-free system performance relies on effective compensation of network impairments. Avanex is proud to offer the industry's most capable and responsive TDC modules to meet the demanding dispersion compensation requirements of long reach submarine systems."

Avanex's TDC products will be on display in the Avanex booth at ECOC Expo 2008, September 22-24, stand 94-97.

About Avanex

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