September 23, 2008

Octoshape and Highwinds Unleash P2P Solution for Live Streaming

SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Highwinds Network Group, Inc., a multi-platform IP services and content distribution provider, today announced that it has partnered with Octoshape, a leading provider of high- quality peer-assisted streaming solutions, to create a Hybrid Peer-to-Peer Content Delivery Network (Hybrid P2P CDN) solution for streaming live events to millions of concurrent worldwide viewers. The solution fully integrates Octoshape's innovative peer-to-peer data transmission technology with Highwinds' high-performance network and real-time analytical tools. The Hybrid P2P CDN enables major international broadcasters to power many of the most-watched live events on the Internet. Highwinds and Octoshape are demonstrating the integrated solution this week at Streaming Media West in Highwinds' booth #618.

The Hybrid P2P CDN allows content providers to quickly, reliably and affordably deliver television and radio broadcasts, sporting events, webinars and conferences, concerts, and many other forms of live streaming to worldwide audiences. The joint solution combines the global reach, reliability and massive scalability of the Highwinds' CDN with Octoshape's innovative and highly flexible peer-to-peer technology, which dynamically scales to accommodate content demand regardless of audience size or geographic location. It is designed to seamlessly stream live events in any format and provide for the best user experience through near-instant streaming without buffering delays or audience size limitations. Furthermore, while the solution can handle the heavy live event schedules of even the largest media companies, it is priced at a point that lowers the barrier to entry for content providers of all sizes. By design, the P2P technology saves money - a savings that Octoshape and Highwinds are passing along to their Hybrid P2P CDN customers - yet the cost savings and scale do not come at the expense of quality, since the P2P technology actually improves user experience and quality.

"Our decision to partner with Highwinds for a live event streaming solution reflects Octoshape's commitment to delivering the best user experiences in the industry," said Stephen Alstrup, CEO of Octoshape. "We were very impressed with Highwinds' top-tier network and value-adds like real- time reporting, so it was a natural choice to combine our complementary technologies and services. By doing so, we put content owners in a position to confidently deliver the best user experiences to their global audiences. It's really a win-win solution for broadcaster and viewer."

Through its peer-assisted gridcasting technology, Octoshape helps broadcasters stream more efficiently to a greater number of users without compromising the quality or reliability of the broadcast. The Octoshape streaming solution brings the benefits of grid technology to live streaming by securing optimal data transmission routes using a unique communication protocol, ensuring smooth transmission in diverse user network environments. In the Hybrid P2P CDN solution, Octoshape's technology is backed by the full power and resources of the Highwinds CDN. It leverages Highwinds' high- performance RollingThunder(TM) network for flawless global delivery. The RollingThunder network consists of 23 data centers with multiple 10 Gbps connections, more than 700 peering partners, and bandwidth capacity of nearly 1 Tbps. All customers benefit from large-scale broadcasting through a unified, affordable solution.

Highwinds and Octoshape are also joining forces to deliver a comprehensive set of analytical tools. Octoshape's built-in reporting capabilities are being fully integrated into Highwinds' StrikeTracker(TM) media manager and reporting dashboard. StrikeTracker offers robust, real-time analytics that enable content managers to gain instant insight and actionable data about in- progress events. It puts the customer in complete control of their content with a diverse set of self-service controls that enable content owners to provision live events for immediate streaming, upload and purge files, manage and protect content, and more. By integrating reporting tools from both companies into one interface, users have a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips.

"Our technology due diligence, in cooperation with a major international broadcaster, has revealed that Octoshape's P2P technology is an industry game- changer for delivering large live events like breaking news coverage, sport matches and award shows," said Steve Miller, president and CEO of Highwinds. "By combining Octoshape's throughput optimization technology and grid efficiencies with Highwinds' world-class CDN, we can now offer our customers a hybrid solution that gives global viewers an HD-quality experience at a price and scale that has been unmatched for live events to date."

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