September 23, 2008

MosChip Launches System-on-a-Chip (SoC) Processor for Digital Content Management in Camcorders, DVRs, Blu-Ray Disc Recorders, Video Editors and Other AV Storage Devices

MosChip's MCS60C80 Digital Content Management Processor is the Only AV 1394 Secure Storage Controller with a Flash Card Interface and Support for Multiple Storage Interfaces: Secure Digital, Compact Flash and Memory Stick

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MosChip Semiconductor Technology Ltd., a leading provider of high performance connectivity solutions for consumer, industrial and computing applications, today announced a new processor for digital content management and routing of audio / video (AV) streams. MosChip's System-on-a-Chip (SoC) is based on an ARM9(TM) processor and is designed as a next generation digital content manager and AV stream router to manage AV streams over 1394 / FireWire and USB connections for fast and reliable storage. Given its small footprint and low power requirements, the MCS60C80 is ideal in applications such as camcorders, Digital Video Recorders (DVR), Blu-Ray Disc(TM) recorders, video editors and other AV storage devices.

MosChip's MCS60C80 Digital Content Management Processor is the only AV 1394 secure storage controller with a Flash card interface and support for multiple storage interfaces: Secure Digital, Compact Flash and Memory Stick. Many of the functions required to move video content are handled directly in on-chip hardware functions controlled by the processor. The MCS60C80 performs the majority of the work requiring only minimal servicing which leaves the device's main processor free for other chores. The MCS60C80 also allows recording to an attached ATA, USB or Flash card device or to an external (1394) optical or disk device. Advanced AES encryption / decryption engines allow for protection of content while it is flowing through the MCS60C80 without the need of the main processor's intervention. It also incorporates the Digital Transmission Content Protection (DTCP) Specification, which defines a cryptographic protocol for protecting AV entertainment content.

Embedded designers / engineers can use the MCS60C80 as host processor or a co-processor to enable its various features in target applications. Integration of MosChip's new processor empowers designers with a truly low power and portable application to design consumer AV devices that perform direct video playback and editing through a PC file system. The new processor also uses field-proven firmware thus limiting design obstacles and speeding time to market.

"Digital content management and storage devices for audio and video products - whether they be camcorders, DVRs, Blu-Ray Disc recorders or other such devices - have high consumer expectations for speed and quality in design, making our MCS60C80 the ideal processor to meet such expectations," commented Vamshi Kandalla, Vice President of Marketing for MosChip. "It boasts next generation exclusives for embedded engineers and consumers to benefit, such as being the only audio video 1394 secure storage controller with a Flash interface as well as the only single-component solution to support multiple storage interfaces such as Secure Digital, Compact Flash and Memory Stick."

"We've designed the MCS60C80 to yield immediate design advantages for demanding AV applications," added Mel Gable, Vice President of AV Products for MosChip. "It is a low power solution with a small footprint that allows for greater design efficiency and Bill of Materials (BOM) control while also using field-proven firmware for multiple product types."

Pricing and Availability

The MCS60C80 will be available for sampling in October 2008. Pricing will be $30 in quantities of 10,000. The MCS60C80 is the next generation processor to the existing MosChip AV MCS60C32A Processor now available. It is also the first product stemming from technologies related to MosChip's acquisition of an exclusive license to TruVNS(TM) Technology from Alliacense, the licensing division of The TPL Group. TruVNS products and technology are currently used in a range of digital products, including high-end video cameras and camcorders.

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