September 23, 2008

IBM Launches Data Recovery Center in Indonesia

IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced the launch of a Business Continuity and Resiliency Services (BCRS) center in Jakarta. This center offers a solution to help businesses keep their operations safe from any business disruption and increase productivity in their workforce. It is a unique solution from IBM being introduced in Jakarta for the first time, offering a business continuity solution at a large scale to customers in the country.

The center, which is targeted to all companies in various sectors and Business Process Outsourcing space, is spread over an area of 600 square meters with a 200 square meter server room. The working space area will initially be able to support a capacity of up to 40 seats, offering workforce continuity for clients.

The center also provides a workplace area to help support general business, front-office and back-office operations, and call center operations. It also offers an array of options to suit a client's business and its business continuity needs, which is complemented with facilities such as a guest area, conference room, two meeting rooms and command center / operator rooms. It is located in a secure Ring-1 area, in a secure building with multiple security check points.

"With forty years of global experience in the business continuity space and more than 150 Business Continuity and Resiliency Services recovery centers worldwide, IBM has deep industry-specific knowledge and a broad range of major clients and leading services, for an unmatched end-to-end portfolio. Our new service is a logical next step to a continuity strategy to allow people to work, communicate and collaborate from anywhere they have access to a PC and an Internet connection," commented Suryo Suwignjo, President, Director, IBM Indonesia.

"This is a very unique offering now being made available to businesses in Indonesia who recognize the need to mitigate continuity risks that their companies may be exposed to. IBM's Data Recovery Center helps clients focus on the human side of business continuity to ensure that employees can remain productive even when they cannot access their workplace in unexpected events of floods, terrorist threats, large-scale power outages, fire or other instances of IT infrastructure outages," stated Soeparwan Soelaeman, Country Manager, Global Technology Services IBM Indonesia.

A 2006 study on workforce continuity by Forrester Consulting found that business interruptions such as site closures due to fire, natural disasters, transit strikes, and severe weather potentially leave the data center unaffected, but can displace employees from their workplace -- significantly impacting the productivity of the employee and in turn, financially impacting the company.*(1)

The new IBM Data Recovery Center offering from IBM will provide end-to-end solutions that helps clients to operationalize a business continuity plan -- in that it spans people, processes and technology, while also help to ensure uninterrupted operations across all layers of the business, as well as helping businesses avoid, prepare and recover from a disruption.

*(1) A Commissioned Study by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Citrix "Workforce Continuity: Keeping People Productive during a Workforce Disruption or Disaster." August 2006

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