September 24, 2008

Equedia Announces Beta Launch of Social Video Network for Investments

The Equedia Network Corporation is pleased to announce the beta launch of its social multimedia stock market search portal: Equedia

You can find this launch at

Equedia allows investors, corporations, and the media to watch and share video presentations worldwide through a social Web experience while providing the first true online financial community of its kind. Public corporations will have the ability to explain their press releases through online video without having to pay for their own infrastructure, thus providing investors with a visual presentation for all text press releases.

Analysts, brokers, fund managers, and financial newsletters will have the ability to present themselves to investors through video. They can also network, follow, and interact with any members of the financial community - all in an easy-to-use, interactive portal.

All of this information is easily found and searchable through Equedia's proprietary search function: Tag and Deliver.

"Our Company's innovative technology draws on the best of the Internet's advanced capabilities to create a leading online investment networking community for investors who want to connect with other investors, source stock information and learn about the markets - all enhanced by allowing corporations and the media to collaborate. We are the pioneering financial video network for online communities of public corporations, investors, brokers, and the media," says Ivan Lo, CEO of Equedia.

He continued, "Our goal is to provide a portal that allows true interaction, strengthened communication, and the ability to present. We are encouraging the interaction and participation of public corporations, analysts, media hubs, fund managers, investors, brokers, and anyone in the finance community. This will change how our financial community communicates and interacts. It's time that public corporations participated in online video and we're giving them an easy platform to do that."

The Equedia Network Corporation (Equedia) is focused on connecting the missing links between the different participants in the financial community.

Visit to participate in their beta launch.

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