September 24, 2008

Energex to Upgrade Electricity Network in Brisbane

Australian electricity utility Energex has announced that it will invest more than A$1.6 million in upgrading the electricity network around the Stafford Heights area in Brisbane, Australia.

The improvements, which start in September 2008, will see around 2.5km of new underground power cable laid between Hamilton Road, McDowell; and Farrant Street, Stafford.

The upgrade will benefit more than 3,300 homes and businesses in parts of Aspley, Chermside West, Everton Park, McDowell, Stafford and Stafford Heights.

The new upgrade will be a key 11,000V cable supplying electricity into the area and will increase the capacity of the local power network by approximately 30%.

Kevin Ball, Energex's works group manager, said: "Local electrical consumption forecasts show that local homes and businesses will increase their use of power by around 7% in just two years which makes this project necessary to ensure the network can continue to keep pace with development and the take up of power hungry lifestyle products such as affordable home air-conditioning."