September 24, 2008

MyPRGenie Launches the First Interactive, Social Media-Based PR Delivery Platform Designed to Improve and Innovate Public Relations and Corporate Communications

NEW YORK, Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- MyPRGenie Inc., the world's first on-demand Internet provider of public relations services, today announced the rollout of its beta version 2.0. Now with MyPRGenie's social media communication platform and publicity engine, companies can finally harness the power of Web 2.0 to publicize themselves, and to develop social networking bonds with relevant press, editors, influencers and employees. It's the best opportunity that companies of all sizes have ever had to create their own private social network, linking all relevant stakeholders and influencers to themselves.

Build Your Own Press and Influencer Network

Companies can also access MyPRGenie's global media contact database and invite over 550,000 key editors and reporters into their network and place their profile in front of the right target audience. In addition to editors and reporters, MyPRGenie allows companies to create an interactive link with employees, investors, clients, partners and media.

"We are excited to announce the release of this beta version 2.0, which represents the turning of the page in the public relations world," stated Miranda Tan, MyPRGenie president and chief executive officer. "The power of this technology lies in its ability to be an agent of 'Internet grass roots' public relations, whereby clients may build and customize, from the ground up, communities of individuals with genuine, stated interests in their businesses. Now with the social network and publicity engine, we have a social network platform designed solely for communications and public relations where companies can build profiles, upload pertinent information about their company and invite key influencers into their network. We think PR can be done faster, better, and cheaper, and we think MyPRGenie is the solution to do exactly that."

The enhancements to MyPRGenie's proprietary publicity engine will enable more effective and direct interaction among newsmakers, journalists and stakeholders. While social networking sites are in common use, none is used in quite the same way as MyPRGenie, which serves as a catalyst for the formation of a community of committed individuals who share interests and corporation association.

Create Targeted Corporate Communications

Companies can now upload and archive all their marketing materials such as press releases, white papers, articles as well as pics (jpg, gif, png), music (mp3), videos (flash) and other files (pdfs, docs) directly onto their corporate profile and immediately update all corporate stakeholders -- employees, analysts, press, investors, etc -- in their network. By setting up segmented profiles, companies can send targeted distributions to different departments, customizing messages based on department, rank, location, language, etc.

"The power and speed of the new engine should be evident right away, with its robust ability to reach committed parties with blazing speed and accuracy, delivering results that are measurable and terrific," said Hassan Miah, MyPRGenie chairman. "We are pleased to introduce our new platform. With MyPRGenie, we are changing the way people communicate and share corporate information. Now with the MyPRGenie social media communication platform, it's easier than ever to invite someone to your network, share information and track everything!"

   With MyPRGenie 2.0, you can:    --  Create a social network profile for your company.   --  Target and invite more than 550,000 global media contacts -- both       traditional and online!   --  Create an interactive and targeted link between your company and key       partners, investors, clients, employees and media.   --  Upload your contact list from excel, outlook, gmail, hotmail and       yahoo.   --  Easily upload press releases, white papers, videos and pictures onto       your profile and share with everyone in your network.   --  Vastly improve your press release's visibility via PRNewswire's web       distribution and SEO.   --  Publish your press release in a convenient format for readers and       further syndication.   --  Feed your news release directly to interested parties who have opted       into your network and profile.   --  Encourage linking, which positively affects search-engine ranking for       your press release.   

Additionally, MyPRGenie is offering PR professionals and users the first chance to become beta testers through its new MyPRGenie Inner Circle Program. Beta testers will get an up-close, first-hand look at the latest, most advanced version of MyPRGenie, along with the 2.0-generation features that make this online public relations platform so valuable to both large and small businesses, as well as PR firms. To learn more, please go to and apply.

Contact: Miranda Tan, 212-807-8300 ext. 118, [email protected]

MyPRGenie, Inc.

CONTACT: CONTACT: Miranda Tan, 212-807-8300 ext. 118, [email protected]