September 24, 2008

PixSense Launches Photo and Video Sharing Widget for Mobile Media

PixSense, a global leader in multimedia and web convergence solutions for mobile operators, today announced the availability of a web-based mobile media sharing widget for camera phone users. The widget allows mobile operators to offer their subscribers automatic syndication of public user-generated mobile photos and videos onto third-party social networking sites and blogs, utilizing PixSense's compression technology which significantly reduces data transfer costs while maintaining high image quality.

With a Flash-based design, PixSense's new widget embeds subscribers' full public media collections onto social network or blog pages. The application allows friends to post comments to any photo or video and allows easy scrolling through albums. It is linked to the online user gallery hosted by PixSense or one of PixSense's customers, which organizes media from the subscriber's camera phone and computer through comment/tag functions, tabs to organize friends' media, address book features, blogging tools and unlimited media storage.

PixSense's new widget has two levels of sharing. First, subscribers can create a personal widget by logging into the PixSense online media portal and simply choosing the option to publish selected photos and videos. Once the widget is published on the desired social network or blog, it will automatically generate HTML code for visitors, allowing friends to copy and paste the widget onto their own pages. The PixSense Widget publishes to well over 30 social networking, media and blog sites worldwide including Myspace, Facebook, Orkut, Blogger and Friendster.

"This new widget enables mobile operators to cater to the current social networking, digital media and blog atmosphere online - it's a sleeker, more viral package of our core sharing technology," said Paul Singh, president and CEO of PixSense. "We are continually looking for the most streamlined way to get people connected through their media personality. Our widget does just that by combining and automatically sharing digital memories across cell phones, computers and the Internet."

PixSense's widget is a feature of the latest PSP (preserve, share, publish) platform release. The PSP platform is the only solution to give mobile operators the means to offer their subscribers high-quality mobile photo and video sharing services compatible with all networks, devices, and websites. As soon as a photo or video is captured on a mobile phone, it is available for easy upload to anyone - on any handset, website, or PC. Built into the PSP platform is PixSense's patent-pending Bio-Compression(TM) technology, providing real-time, on-device media compression to reduce media file sizes by up to 90 percent, without any visual quality loss of the media.

PixSense offers the PSP platform as a hosted software service through mobile operators. The PixSense PSP service is supported on over 180 mobile devices from various manufacturers running various operating systems including Symbian OS(TM), J2ME(TM), Qualcomm BREW(TM) and Microsoft Windows Mobile(R) and is in field trials and deployments with various mobile operators throughout Asia and Europe.

About PixSense

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Santa Clara, California, PixSense is a mobile P2P media sharing platform. Led by some of the industry's most renowned experts in mobile & core media technologies, PixSense's technology includes patent-pending, on-device media compression technology and network optimization technology that ensures fast transfers and significantly reduces costs to both end users and wireless operators. With offices in China, India, and Pakistan, PixSense has deployed their product with leading mobile operators worldwide. PixSense is funded by ATA Ventures, Innovacom, and Qualcomm Ventures. For more information, please visit