September 24, 2008

Old Dog, New Tricks

Actor Kirk Douglas has taken an old cause to a new platform, using his MySpace page to gather signatures in support of a national apology for America's past practice of slavery.

It's a cause that Douglas, 91, has advocated for years, but has taken online only since joining MySpace.

According to his publicist, this makes Douglas not only an actor and social justice campaigner, but the oldest celebrity on MySpace.

"I think our country should have a formal apology for the slavery before the Civil War, and after the Civil War," Douglas said. "That will tell the world that a country as powerful as ours can have humility.

"We're not very popular in the world right now, and that would help to change our image."

Recently, the United States House of Representatives passed a resolution that apologised for slavery, he says. Now he looks to the Senate and the White House - and presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain - to see what they might do, and uses his MySpace page to rally fans and the curious to his cause.

"MySpace gives me a chance to talk to younger people," Douglas says. "And it's been very satisfying. Because I love the answers that they write me. Not everyone agrees with me, but I welcome that. I try to encourage them to participate."

Douglas blogs periodically on his MySpace page, updating visitors on the progress of the slavery apology, or just sharing moments in life.

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