September 24, 2008

EffectiveUI Selected As One of the Twenty Most Innovative Companies in Colorado

DENVER, Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- EffectiveUI, a niche user interface design and development firm that specializes in breakthrough experiences, has been selected by the Colorado Software and Internet Association (CSIA) as one of the most innovative and cutting-edge technology companies in Colorado for the second year in a row. As a result, EffectiveUI will demonstrate its latest user experience innovations at CSIA's DEMOgala 2008 on Thursday, October 2, 2008 in downtown Denver.

"One of the companies we are most honored to show off is EffectiveUI because of its cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches throughout its business," said Su Hawk, president, CSIA. "This company is one of the few ever chosen twice (EffectiveUI was also chosen for the 2007 Showcase) in the history of DEMOgala, and it was because of the consistent growth of innovation, and the ever-present smart thinking throughout their company," she said.

The fourth-annual CSIA DEMOgala includes speakers and thought leaders from across the nation in a series of 25 panel discussions centered around disruptive and cutting edge technology and what it means to our lives, business, health and futures. In addition, there will be an evening panel discussion titled, "How Do the Web's Billion-Dollar Behemoths View Disruption?" The panel speakers include Max Mancini, Sr. Director of Disruptive Innovation, eBay; R.J. Pitman, Director of Disruptive Innovation, Google; Scott Johnson, Director of Emerging Business, Microsoft; and Alan Warms, GM, Yahoo! News.

Jon Nordmark, Co-Founder and Board Chair of Denver's eBags, and this year's DEMOgala Event Chair, stated "All of the nominees provide extraordinary services, and it was difficult to select only twenty winners. Colorado is a hot-bed for groundbreaking technology, and we've captured the attention of the industry's top technology leaders. The DEMOgala provides a unique opportunity for local professionals to mix and mingle with the 'who's who' in tech."

"Being recognized as a top technology leader in Colorado for the second year in a row by the CSIA is a great honor, one that is not taken lightly," said Anthony Franco, President, EffectiveUI. "At EffectiveUI, our team of user experience strategists, software engineers, information architects and usability designers are 100 percent focused on delivering innovative solutions that exceed customers' expectations. To be recognized for our innovative work by this influential organization is truly incredible."

In addition, EffectiveUI recently received three Web Marketing Association Awards for its impressive work with Discovery Earth Live and Neopets Petpetpet Habitats. EffectiveUI also won two Create Awards for its work with Discovery Earth Live in the "Web Technology, Best Use of Newest Technology" and "Web technology, Flash Based Site" categories.


EffectiveUI is an award-winning and recognized leader in the design and development of custom rich Internet, desktop and mobile applications, enabling companies to maximize their business results while offering exceptional interactive experiences. Leveraging emerging technologies and expertise in user experience, strategy, design and development, EffectiveUI helps today's most respected brands deepen customer engagements by creating more compelling, dynamic and useful customer interactions.

EffectiveUI has developed groundbreaking applications for organizations across multiple industries, including eBay, GE Health, NBC Universal, Viacom, Discovery Channel, Dow Jones Adobe and Microsoft. For more information and examples of EffectiveUI's work, please visit

About CSIA

CSIA is the state's largest and most influential technology association. Since its beginning in 1994, CSIA has provided hundreds of programs, workshops and major events to create connections, portals for information, as well as leadership about key issues in the industry. Through the work of the more than 100 Board members, key volunteers and staff, CSIA also serves as the advocate on behalf of the industry for C-Level connections, legislative/regulatory leadership, as well as with the local influencers including news media, government leaders and other industry leaders.

About CSIA's DEMOgala

CSIA launched the annual DEMOgala Showcase and Conference in 2005 to raise awareness about the strength of the technology industry in Colorado and to provide technology professionals with state-of-the-art knowledge and connections to advance the industry's success and that of the entrepreneurs and innovators. The event features demonstrations of technology from the top innovators in the state, called the DEMOgala Showcase, and all of the innovations originate from Colorado, to raise awareness about the innovation happening in our state.


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