September 24, 2008

Dvd Voucher Free Plus Poster & Stickers

EXPLORE the vast forests of the north with today's DVD offer, the latest in our exclusive David Attenborough Essential Collection. There's also a BBC Wildlife magazine glossy poster and set of stickers to collect.

Our great 14-DVD collection gives you episodes from the amazing nature series created by the legendary broadcaster.


YOU can claim an individual DVD, poster and sticker sheet set with the relevant voucher and required postage. To claim the full set of 14 DVDs, posters and sticker sheets collect 10 out of the 14 vouchers we will be printing until Friday, September 26 and send in with the relevant postage. You can include a maximum of two bonus vouchers when applying for the full set. Bonus vouchers will not be accepted for individual applications. See your voucher (right) for full details. Terms and conditions as previously published.

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