September 24, 2008

RedPinkWhite Launches Wine Finder Widget

SEATTLE, Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- RedPinkWhite, LLC, announced the debut of its new wine finder widget. The RedPinkWhite Wine Finder, available at, is a compact Web application that allows consumers to browse thousands of wines and organize favorites all within the size of a standard 160x300-pixel online ad unit that can be placed on external Web sites.

Users start by choosing between red, pink or white wines. They then narrow their search by selecting additional variables: winery, price, varietal, location, alcohol level, and/or food pairing. The RedPinkWhite Wine Finder is the first in a series of social media applications the company is building for the wine market.

"Our new RedPinkWhite Wine Finder makes finding wine easier and fun," said Corbin de Rubertis, the co-founder of RedPinkWhite. "The tool is at once elegant, useful and playful, and it allows you to easily share your experiences - you can e-mail your spouse your favorite wines, text them to a friend, or grab the widget itself and drop it on your iGoogle page or your blog."

RedPinkWhite provides benefits to several audiences including wine bloggers, advertisers, retailers and wineries:

   -- Wine bloggers can place the RedPinkWhite Wine Finder on their sites in      a matter of minutes, giving their readers a new tool to browse      thousands of wines. RedPinkWhite is developing an affiliate program      that will be in place by the end of October 2008.   -- Advertisers have the opportunity through RedPinkWhite to precisely      inject ads within the viral application. A company that makes stemware      designed specifically for cabernet sauvignon can target consumers in      the process of searching for that varietal.   -- Retailers and wineries using RedPinkWhite social media applications can      expand and extend their online reach for distributing products. The      RedPinkWhite Wine Finder makes a useful addition to a destination site      and it can be virally circulated well beyond the confines of a      traditional corporate domain. This distributed network for publishing      allows retailers and wineries - and their affiliates - to easily reach      into social media environments such as iGoogle, NetVibes, Ning, and      Facebook.     About RedPinkWhite  

RedPinkWhite, LLC, ( is part of a social media-based advertising network that puts brands and promotions in context with useful tools for consumers. RedPinkWhite seamlessly integrates wine content into portable finder widgets that can be easily placed on external sites across the Web.

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