September 25, 2008

What’s Cooking? Here’s a Blog for Real Foodies

By Sosnowski, Carolyn J

Also something for job hunters and creative types. The Kitchn

It's been a while since I've written about a food site, so here it is. This blog goes beyond edibles and covers kitchens, gadgets, and events. So you could say the site is more about cooking (the experience, the art) than just about combining ingredients for that devil's food cake. There are tips (quick ways to soften butter, designing airplane meals), education (how to store, even moldy, cheese), product and book reviews, and random musings and polls. Part of the Apartment Therapy family of sites. The whole thing seems so homey.

Info Career Trends

We all need advice sometimes, and there are plenty of good pointers in this blog/newsletter. Created and edited by Rachel Singer Gordon (what doesn't she do?), each issue is guided by a theme (getting "unstuck" is a recent one) and has regular features including a Q&A and a column from Kirn Dority (author of Rethinking Information Careers). The archives go back to 2000, and you'll find that those articles are still relevant. Good advice is timeless.


How could you not like a site that has the subtitle "Beautiful Word Clouds"? Create word-filled images for use on a site or blog, or go beyond the Web to brochures, branded products, and business cards. You provide the text: a blog, your account, your resume, a book list. Then, Wordle uses Java applets to create the image (removing the "stop words" of almost 20 languages). Get creative with fonts, layout, and color. The FAQ is userfriendly and informative.


Squidoo is made up of topic pages on people or things or events or whatever. These pages, called lenses because they offer "one person's view," can stand alone or serve as a pointer to other Web sites or blogs. There are so many uses for a lens, and the Squidoo site and the almost 500,000 existing lenses will give you plenty of ideas. Browse for lenses by group and by individual topic. I'd heard of Squidoo before, but was reminded of it recently when Seth Godin, Squidoo's founder, spoke at SLA 2008. The revenue generated by ads and affiliate links goes to charity and overhead, and the rest goes to lens creators or to a charity of their choosing. How cool is that?

Update from the March 2007 column:

Etsy (, "your place to buy & sell all things handmade," now boasts over 150,000 sellers and about one million members. New search filters have been added for vintage and handmade items and for supplies, and services for sellers have continued to evolve. And, check out the podcasts.


CAROLYN J. SOSNOWSKI, MLIS, is SLA's information specialist. She has 10 years of experience in libraries, including more than four years in SLA's Information Center. She can be reached at

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