September 25, 2008

1UP Network Gamers Looking to Go Green With Their Next Vehicle

NEW YORK, Sept. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- 1UP Network, the recognized leader in print and online videogame content, today announced the results of the 2008 1UP Network Automotive Study, an automotive study fielded online among 1UP Network users by a third-party,, in August 2008.

"1UP Network gamers are digitally inclined and plan to purchase vehicles in the future that are technologically advanced and are fuel-efficient to offset still sky-high gas prices. Conducting such a poll with 1UP Network users allows us to gain and provide others with a better understanding of vehicle buying patterns among the gaming population, have a better sense of who these consumers are and help determine what they're looking for in automobiles," states Jason Young, CEO of Ziff Davis Media.

1UP Network reaches a large portion of the 18 - 34 audience who are buying the latest and most advanced automobiles. The study garnered 72 percent of the 18 - 34 age bracket. Gamers have proven themselves to be a significant consumer demographic, albeit a harder to reach audience for today's marketers with gaming taking up much of their leisure time.

   Highlights of the Study:    --  Gamers make up a large auto-owning demographic; the majority of 1UP       Network gamers own, on average, 2 automobiles. The type of automobile       owned by gamers is typically a 4-door vehicle (64%).    --  Although the majority of gamers currently own American-made cars (Ford       or Chevrolet), 86 percent are planning on purchasing an import for       their next car (51 percent Honda; 50 percent Toyota; 30 percent       Nissan).    --  Environmentally-conscience automobiles are on the rise; 91% of 1UP       Network gamers indicated that they were interested in a fuel-efficient       vehicle.    --  Gamers are digitally inclined and want vehicles that are       technologically sophisticated, with an overwhelming 86% indicating       that they were looking forward to technology advances in their next       vehicle.    --  They are bringing their digital lifestyle into their cars. 1UP Network       gamers would pay more for the following option in their next vehicle:       --  MP3 plug-in (81 percent)       --  GPS (60 percent)       --  Surround Sound (56 percent)    --  Gamers are active information-seekers and influencers; many research       before they buy and give advice to other potential buyers about brands       of vehicles. 87% of 1UP Network gamers do research online, and 83%       have a brand in mind before shopping for a vehicle.  In addition, 75%       of 1UP Network users are telling other consumers about what brand of       vehicles to purchase.   

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