September 25, 2008

Atria Networks Acquires Peterborough Utilities Inc.’s Telecom Assets

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Atria Networks LP today announced that it has acquired the telecom assets of Peterborough Utilities Inc., supplier of fibre-optic and wireless services for the City of Peterborough and surrounding areas.

Since 1997, Peterborough Utilities has been responsible for building, owning and operating a world-class fibre-optic network in its service communities. More recently, they have begun supplying wireless services to select customers.

"At Peterborough Utilities, we realized that it would be very challenging to continue to grow our telecom business beyond our traditional service territory. However many of our customers wanted us to support a much wider coverage area. We determined that it was better for our customers and our Shareholder, the City of Peterborough, to undertake a strategic divesture to a larger and a more diversified telecom provider. We are confident that our customers will be well served by Atria Networks," said Larry Doran, President & CEO of Peterborough Utilities Inc.

For Atria Networks, the acquisition of Peterborough Utilities telecom assets follows the addition of Telecom Ottawa in May of this year.

Atria CEO Steve McCartney indicated that this purchase provides a critical link for markets in Eastern and Central Ontario, as part of a corporate strategy to join utility telecom networks across the entire province.

Consistent with its growth strategy, Atria will soon directly connect Peterborough and surrounding areas to existing fibre infrastructure in Ottawa, York Region, Barrie, Hamilton and Waterloo-Wellington regions, providing businesses and public sector customers with seamless access to one of Ontario's largest fibre-optic networks.

"Atria began as a public utility telecom," said McCartney. "We understand how these companies operate, and how important our services are, not just to local business customers, but to the community as a whole."

About Peterborough Utilities Inc.

Peterborough Utilities Inc. (PUI) is part of the Peterborough Utilities Group, which is wholly owned by the City of Peterborough. The Peterborough Utilities Group owns and operates electrical distribution, electrical generation, water and wastewater businesses in Central Ontario. In addition, it operates a Province-wide metering services business.

About Atria Networks LP

Atria Networks LP owns and operates a contiguous fibre-optic network that connects vibrant and growing markets across Ontario with fast, highly dependable Internet access, point-to-point data connectivity, IT continuity and disaster recovery services.

With one of the most extensive fibre-optic networks in Ontario, Atria can scale immediately to meet any bandwidth requirement. Continuity services include offsite data storage, email and web security, and Internet redundancy for protection against downtime losses in revenue and productivity. Active in the communities served, Atria Networks invests locally in education and literacy.

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SOURCE: Atria Networks LP