September 25, 2008

PS America Selects Qwest Communications for Voice and Data Solution

US-based Qwest Communications International has announced an exclusive $1 million agreement with PS America, a American wholesale flooring company, to deliver an integrated voice and data solution using its iQ Networking, toll-free and long-distance services.

Qwest connected 46 locations, including PS America's showrooms and corporate offices, using its iQ Networking services, a wide area network solution based on multi-protocol label switching technology. Qwest also is providing PS America with long-distance and toll-free service. The portfolio designed for PS America is expected to deliver speeds up to 45 megabits per second to its corporate offices and 1.5MBps to the showrooms.

Bob Hilton, vice president of information technology for PS America, said: "Qwest's solutions have always enabled our network to evolve with our business needs. We've been a customer for more than eight years because there's simply no other team that is as professional or as dedicated to making things happen - as Qwest."