September 26, 2008

Employee Productivity — Tuning in Progress

Figures released this month, by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, show that employee productivity, for the second quarter of 2008, has increased by 4.3%.

As the economy is slowing down and production costs are increasing businesses are urgently looking for ways to counteract their prevailing sluggish economic environment. It comes as no surprise that budgets are tightened, costs are cut, and employees are made redundant. However, investment in technology that reduces costs and increases the productivity of remaining employees has increased substantially. According to Forresters Research, business investment in IT equipment and software rose by 11 per cent during Q2 in 2008.

WebSpy COO, Lagis Zavros, stated that, "We are seeing a significant increase of opportunities of around 35% over last year with many of our prospects citing employee productivity as a key issue they want to address."

As businesses prepare to ride the gloom, identifying inappropriate, or recreational, use of vital business resources, such as the internet and email, becomes imperative. "We are particularly seeing more Banks and Financial institutions from all over the world evaluating and buying our solutions," added Zavros.

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WebSpy can report on more than 200 log formats from different vendors and provides an independent, holistic and reliable window into what is happening within an organization's network and security environment.

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