September 26, 2008

Hollywood Star Maps in the Internet Age Weekly Highlights From Raising the Roof on Iht.Com

By Kevin Brass

The legions of voyeurs obsessed with celebrity real estate now have their own reference guide. takes the old concept of maps of stars homes into the Internet age with a detailed database of celebrity estates, complete with addresses, details and aerial photos, using Microsoft maps. There are more than 1,000 entries, representing the homes of the most minor of celebrities to the biggest of stars, from Paula Abdul to Renee Zellweger.

The site is Los Angeles-centric but it includes a few international addresses, like an aerial of Nicolas Cage's castle in Bath, England.

The site's creator goes by the name AerialDave and refuses to give his real name. He insists he is not a celeb-obsessed fanatic - "My background is mathematics," AerialDave wrote in an e-mail exchange with Raising the Roof.

Originally published by The New York Times Media Group.

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