Lame Apologies and Reunions

September 26, 2008

By Contra Costa Times

I apologize…

Mea culpas are an art form for politicians and celebrities. We’re still waiting for the barons of Wall Street to issue long-overdue apologies to the nation as a whole, but meanwhile we’ve been musing on the ways average Joes issue lame excuses. We’ve all been on the receiving end of apologies that aren’t quite — “Hey man, sorry ’bout that. I flaked/it was the booze/you made me do it.” What’s the lamest apology you’ve ever received? What prompted it? Tell us your story in 150 words or less — e-mail it to jburrell@bayareanewsgroup.com by Friday.

Reunited, via technology

Has the Internet helped you reconnect with an old friend or flame? Many people who haven’t been in touch in years reunite and have Facebook, MySpace or a good, old-fashioned Google search to thank. If you have a reunion story to share, we’d love to hear from you. Contact lifestyle writer Jessica Yadegaran before Wednesday at 925-943-8155 or jyadegaran@bayareanews group.com.

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