September 29, 2008

Live From Sun Tech Days Sao Paulo: Winners of the OpenJDK Community Innovators’ Challenge Are Celebrated

Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ:JAVA) today announced the winners of the OpenJDK Community Innovators' Challenge designed to fuel innovation around the OpenJDK project. The contest was part of Sun's Open Source Community Innovation Awards Program, a multi-year program running across several open source communities with a $1 million total prize.

The OpenJDK Community Challenge is intended to encourage and reward developers who are working together to solve key problems, initiate projects that promote new uses for the code, develop curricula and training, and port the OpenJDK code base to new platforms.

"The OpenJDK Challenge gave me the opportunity to work on an open source project I dreamt about for years but never had the time to work on," said Gold Medal winner, Clemens Eisserer. "I hope my project will help Java software on Unix become an even better platform in the long run for client applications, I already have plans to enhance performance and support for more platforms."

"We're very happy with how the Challenge turned out," said Mark Reinhold, Principal Engineer for Java SE and OpenJDK at Sun. "It was fairly difficult to choose amongst the completed projects, all of which were technically impressive but touched very different parts of the platform."

The OpenJDK Community Innovators' Challenge categories and winners are:

-- Gold: Clemens Eisserer for the Implement XRender pipeline for Java2D project

-- Silver: Neal Gafter for the Closures for Java project

-- Bronze: Stephen Colebourne and Michael Nascimento Santos for the Provide date and time library from JSR-310 project

-- Bronze: Roman Kennke and Mario Torre for the Portable GUI backends project

Visit Sun news to hear Simon Phipps, Dalibor Topic and Ray Gans of Sun chat with award winners Clemens Eisserer, Neal Gafter, Roman Kennke, Mario Torre, and Stephen Colebourne.

Sun is celebrating the growth of the open source community throughout the month of September. In addition to OpenJDK, Sun's open source portfolio of products includes GlassFish(TM),, OpenSolaris(TM), Open Storage, NetBeans(TM), MySQL(TM), PostgreSQL and OpenSPARC(TM). For more on Sun's open source offerings.

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