September 29, 2008

Advanced American Telephones Introduces AT&T DECT 6.0 Cordless Headsets With Superior Performance for Improved Office Productivity

BEAVERTON, Ore., Sept. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Advanced American Telephones, which manufactures AT&T-branded telephones and related cordless products under a license agreement with AT&T Intellectual Property, today announced a new line of AT&T cordless headsets, compatible with corded or cordless single line phones and multi-line business systems. These new headsets offer improved range and performance over current products on the market today.


Featuring Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) 6.0 technology, the new AT&T TL7610 and TL7650 offer maximum range of at least 500 feet -- 45 percent better range than competitive headsets, according to independent lab studies. The systems also deliver unsurpassed interference-free clarity thanks to a unique antenna design and advances in noise-filtering technology.

The AT&T TL7610 and TL7650 mark Advanced American Telephones' first venture into the cordless headset market with AT&T branded products and demonstrate the company's commitment to providing consumers and small businesses with feature-rich telecommunications solutions.

"We designed these AT&T DECT 6.0 cordless headsets to be an ergonomic and lightweight communication tool for frequent home or office telephone users," said Matt Ramage, senior vice president, product management, at Advanced American Telephones. "We looked at existing products and worked to enhance every feature to make our headsets optimal tools for productivity, delivering freedom from phone cords and comfort in everyday use."

Crystal-Clear Conversations -- When It Truly Matters

The new AT&T cordless headsets offer unsurpassed sound clarity featuring the latest DECT 6.0 technology for interference-free communication. With a maximum range of up to 500 feet, SOHO professionals are no longer limited to their desks or home offices to be in communication with the rest of the world. Calls can be taken in virtually any area of the home or office -- without sacrificing exceptional sound quality.

A New Way to Work

Along with superior range and clarity, the TL7610 and TL7650 headsets can be worn in multiple ways without the need to purchase additional accessories. They provide comfort with three customizable wearing styles -- over the ear, behind the neck and over the head. Plus, the optional remote dial-pad and handset lifter enable users to make and receive calls away from their desk phone.

In addition, AT&T DECT cordless headsets can be easily connected to virtually any corded or cordless phone system, including multi-line business systems. All line cords for either PSTN or multi-line systems are included, and convenient color coding simplifies set-up.

The new AT&T cordless headsets can be purchased online at, at select Best Buy retail locations and through online/catalog offerings from Office Max. Pricing and additional details are provided below.

   AT&T DECT 6.0 Cordless Headset   Model      Key Features                                           Price   TL7610     -- Unsurpassed range -- up to 500 feet                 $199.95              -- Remote handset lifter (optional -- sold separately)              -- DSP enhanced sound quality              -- Lightweight and comfortable design              -- Works with corded and cordless 1-line and 2-line                 phones              -- Works with multi-line business systems              -- Expandable to 2 headsets (Uses TL7600 -- sold                 separately)              -- Sound level protection              -- Conference capability -- up to 2 headsets              -- Multiple connection options for home and office use              -- Wirelessly pair to any 2008 AT&T DECT 6.0                 cordless products              -- Headset volume control and mute              -- Multiple wearing styles -- over the ear, over the                 head or behind the neck              -- Optional remote dial pad (TL7601 -- sold separately)              -- Dual color lighted in-use indicator              -- One-button answer              -- Auto off              -- Available September 2008   TL7650     This headset offers all the features of the TL7610,    $249.95              plus the advanced features:              -- 5-level equalizer              -- LCD set up display              -- Spare battery charger              -- USB connection of P2P call              -- Optional keypad dialer              -- Available January 2009   TL7600     -- Accessory headset for the TL7610 and TL7650         $99.95              -- Wirelessly pair to any 2008 AT&T DECT 6.0                 cordless products      About Advanced American Telephones  

Advanced American Telephones (AAT) designs, manufactures and distributes AT&T-branded telephone products in the United States and Canada under a brand license agreement with AT&T Intellectual Property II, L.P.

AAT is owned by VTech Holdings Ltd. VTech is a widely recognized leader in the consumer phone industry.

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