September 29, 2008

Bricsnet’s ProjectCenter Celebrates 10th Anniversary With New Release

Bricsnet, the leading provider of online project collaboration solutions, today announced a new release of ProjectCenter to mark the product line's 10th anniversary. The new release, version 6.0, offers a redesigned user interface along with important functional enhancements including project schedule Gantt charts, new Task assignment views, export of Calendar events to Microsoft Outlook and improved email notifications.

"ProjectCenter continues to lead the industry with its easy-to-use, intuitive and powerful environment for project management," said Bricsnet CEO Farid Jinian. "The latest release demonstrates once again that the complex processes involved in project management can become more transparent and easier to control with the help of first-class tools."

ProjectCenter's new user interface features moveable, adjustable and collapsible panels that allow users to easily tailor screens to display the information they need; anchored pop-up windows that provide consistency in display; and optional "skin" color themes that give clients the ability to match the user interface to their corporate brands and colors.

The new schedule and task capabilities include parent/child event scheduling; a consolidated view of action items; new views of milestones and due dates; and Gantt chart project schedule views. In addition, ProjectCenter 6.0 provides enhanced security, workflow, configurability and wizard-driven processes.

"We congratulate the Bricsnet team on the 10th anniversary of ProjectCenter," said Barry Gehron, Senior Project Manager from John Moriarty & Associates, Inc, a longtime client. "The new version looks great. Over the years we have found that we can rely on the ProjectCenter team to keep making their product better and more useful to us."

About Bricsnet

Bricsnet's business was founded in 1986 and helps large corporations improve profits by more effectively managing all aspects of the workplace (including buildings, land, space, people, assets and systems). Bricsnet ProjectCenter is an easy to use, online system for project management and collaboration. In addition, Bricsnet offers Bricsnet Enterprise and Bricsnet Retail, leading real estate management systems that -- along with Bricsnet Strategic Advisory Services -- provide fast, pragmatic and innovative solutions to increase shareholder value. For more information, contact Bricsnet at 603-559-2501 or visit