September 29, 2008

Iron Sink Media’s Web Series “Model Ball” Brings New “Game” to Softball

It's time to step into the batter's box and get in the ballgame with Iron Sink Media's newest original Web comedy series "Model Ball." From online entertainment pioneer Scott Zakarin, producer of the hit Internet series "Roommates" and "Soup of the Day,""Model Ball" tells the story of cousins Jake and Holly McBride and their pursuit toward winning a big league bet with a softball team of beautiful models. Premiering today, the twenty episode series will kick off on the Iron Sink Network at

"The title says it all -- the most popular videos on the Internet feature sports, beautiful women and outrageous, cutting-edge comedy," said Zakarin. "We decided to weave them together to create a sports Cinderella story with a team of Cinderellas. In the new frontier of online Web videos, simply appealing to basic instincts is not enough. As the audience becomes more diversified and mainstream, the viewer wants to laugh and be fully engaged in stories that appeal to them -- this is where 'Model Ball' scores big."

"Model Ball" follows the adventure of Jake McBride, a loser in life, but an All-Star prodigy on his beer league softball team the Hornets. Holding down a dead-end job with no prospects and severely in debt with his overzealous bookies, Jake's life is ready to hit the fan. Along with his cousin Holly McBride -- a bombshell model by day and solid softball player by night -- Jake makes a huge bet with his league rival the Robots that he can win the league championship with nothing more than himself and a team of gorgeous models.

Can Jake's rag-tag bunch of hotties play well enough to make it to home base and score big without breaking a nail? All is left to unfold in Jake's life over the next couple weeks.

"Model Ball" will be airing three times a week during its first twenty-episode season. Following Iron Sink Media's philosophy of strong audience interactivity, the series will host a variety of engaging features including relationship-building character vlogs, polls and real-time events that will add a unique dimension to the audience experience.

Furthering the "Model Ball" plot is the show's ensemble, who also appear in other Iron Sink Network hit shows. This allows them to live in the same alternate universe, giving the audience a meaningful and extremely fun to follow plot across different properties.

"'Model Ball' is a massive undertaking for a Web series," said Zakarin. "We took great care in our storytelling and production values to meet the high standards of the audience. Our credo has always been about making the shows highly interactive, giving the audience an active role in their direction and presentation. An Iron Sink Network production always invites viewers to be part of the show!"

About Iron Sink Media:

Founded in early 2006, Los Angeles-based Iron Sink Media produces original programming for multiple platforms with an unparalleled pedigree in Web entertainment. Iron Sink Media produced the revolutionary internet webisodic hit "Soup of the Day," in which for the first time tens of thousands of MySpace members and online users were able to interact and influence "Soup of the Day" characters on their computer. Iron Sink is also responsible for "Roommates," the first original web series developed for MySpace and ShatnerVision, a daily video of William Shatner and his daughter Lisabeth on various topics of interest to his fanbase.

Iron Sink is led by industry veterans Scott Zakarin, Paul Camuso, Rob Cesternino, Tim Pilleri and Alexander Cash. More information can be found at

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SOURCE: Iron Sink Entertainment