September 29, 2008

New TNS Compete Tool Shows How Prospects Navigate Online

TNS Compete, a leading web analytics company, today announced a major enhancement to Compete PRO, Referral Analytics. Referral Analytics reveals exactly how top competitors are acquiring new customers online, pinpoints the sites with the highest rates of referral and shows brands where consumers go after leaving their sites. This lets brand managers and online marketers map precise strategies for pulling new customers into their sites and keeping them there, from placing ads on top referral sites to shoring up weaknesses on their own sites that prevent conversion.

"Prior to Referral Analytics, marketers had no single point for understanding how people were arriving at their site or where customers and prospects went next," said Stephen DiMarco, chief marketing officer at Compete. "With Referral Analytics, marketers can access referral and destination metrics for their site and benchmark their performance against key rivals. By adding this to Compete PRO, we're able to provide a complete picture of how consumers navigate online and immediately help online marketers profit from that knowledge."

Referral Analytics broadens the capabilities of Compete PRO, expanding its application beyond SEM and SEO professionals to brand and online marketing managers looking to better understand how consumers interact with their brands online. Referral Analytics complements Compete PRO's Site Analytics, Search Analytics and Ranked Lists tools, and provides the deepest referral and destination metrics of any currently available marketing analytics solution. Referral Analytics is available immediately at the Advanced and Enterprise levels within the Compete PRO solution.

Captured from the Compete PRO Referral Analytics tool, the following graphs represent the percentage of people leaving and, and identify the next immediate site they visit. Marketers at both of these job search engines can now see that is driving more people directly to job sites than

 Compete Referral Analytics Destination Sites (August 2008) ------------------------------------------------------------------- Volume Rank   Destination Site                                 % ------------  ---------------------------------------------- ------ 3                                     7.71% 4                               6.50% 5                         1.54% 6                                         1.54% 7                                    1.05% 8                                        0.91% 9                                   0.90% 11                                  0.88% 13                                      0.79% 14                          0.77% 15                                  0.72% 16                                  0.69% 17                        0.63% 18                                 0.62% 19                            0.60% 20                                0.55% 21                             0.55% Total % Destinations to Job Sites                            19.25% Destination Sites (August 2008) --------------------------------------------------------------------- Volume Rank  Destination Site                                    % ------------ ------------------------------------------------- ------ 5                                          2.54% 6                                  2.11% 7                                            1.75% 8                                       1.29% 10                                          0.99% 12                                        0.87% 15                                     0.67% 17                                     0.63% 18                            0.54% 19                                           0.50% 25                                   0.32% 26                                       0.31% 29                                    0.25% 32                                   0.23% 33                                        0.22% 34                                     0.22% 35                                    0.21% Total % Destinations to Job Sites                              13.42% 

An industry first, Compete PRO provides marketers with site, search and referral analytics, plus audience measurement reporting in a single product and user interface, eliminating the need to purchase multiple products from multiple vendors. Compete PRO is powered by the same robust data as Compete's vertical intelligence solutions, which are backed by customer service teams with expertise in Compete's clients' businesses. For more information on Referral Analytics or Compete PRO, please visit:

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