September 30, 2008

CyberDefender Achieves Landmark 4 Million Users

CyberDefender Corporation (OTCBB: CYDE), an innovative internet security developer offering early detection through a proprietary secure peer-to-peer network, delivering antidotes faster than the actual virus or spyware can spread, today announced a milestone of approximately 4 million users between January 2008 and August 31, 2008. The company's successful backend technology significantly reduces the cost of updating each user's software and allows for virtually unlimited daily updates, regardless of the file size. The progressive P2P solution developed by CyberDefender responds faster to growing online privacy and security threats such as phishing, viruses and spyware.

CyberDefender's Collaborative Internet Security Network (or the earlyNETWORK(TM)) allows unlimited anti-virus and anti-spyware software updates through propagation. Updates are delivered immediately to the user as well as the server, making the service fast, frequent, and more powerful. Most competing anti-virus software companies only update against new threats a few times per week due to rising broadband costs. The CyberDefender earlyNETWORK(TM) detects and updates all users within hours when a new virus, spyware, or phishing attack is detected. CyberDefender even works with other security software products and can be used as an additional layer of security.

"Surpassing 4 million users is a major achievement for us," said Gary Guseinov, CEO of CyberDefender. "We believe that our user base will continue to grow and we anticipate an increase in revenue because of this. We are proud to offer the most efficient line of defense available and will continue to improve our products. In addition, we intend to further grow our user acquisitions through various channels and product developments."

CyberDefender Corporation is a California-based company with a mission to bring advanced solutions to the internet security market, combating and preventing identity theft, unwanted advertisements, Internet viruses, spyware and other similar security threats. For more information on CyberDefender's free anti-virus scans, visit

CyberDefender Corporation (OTCBB: CYDE) (

CyberDefender Corporation believes that its Internet security technology offers the earliest possible detection and most aggressive defense against Internet security attacks. CyberDefender believes that it is the only Internet security software company to combat spyware, viruses, phishing and identity theft by using a secure peer to peer distributed network (the earlyNETWORK(TM)), enabling protection that the company believes is unparalleled in speed and flexibility. Products employing the early detection technology include; MyIdentityDefender(TM) Toolbar, CyberDefenderFREE(TM) 2.0, CyberDefender Early Detection Center(TM) 2.0, and CyberDefender Early Detection Center FamilyPak Edition. All of these products are fully compatible with Microsoft's Vista Operating system and available at

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