September 30, 2008

MyCom AG Standardizes on Envox CT Connect to Enable CTI Capabilities for Its Multichannel Contact Center Software

WESTBOROUGH, Mass., Sept. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Envox Worldwide, a leading global provider of IP-based voice solutions, today announced that MyCom, a leading provider of software and services for call centers, has selected Envox CT Connect(TM) to add computer-telephony integration (CTI) capabilities, such as screen pop, sophisticated routing and predictive dialing, to the MYKENE Communications Center system. The new CTI capabilities allow MYKENE users to increase agent productivity, reduce call handling costs and enhance the customer experience with more personalized service. MyCom selected Envox CT Connect, standards-based CTI software, because of its out-of-the-box compatibility with more than 20 PBXs/ACDs, including both IP and TDM versions from leading providers such as Avaya, Nortel, Cisco and Siemens. Envox CT Connect, therefore, eliminates the technical and integration issues traditionally associated with CTI solutions enabling MyCom to concentrate on creating better, more effective solutions for its customers.

"In many industries, customer service is becoming the major differentiator between competitors, and CTI capabilities help separate the leaders from the rest of the pack. So this certainly represents a major improvement for MyCom and its product line," said Leo Casey, president and CEO of Envox Worldwide. "The selection of Envox CT Connect by MyCom is further proof that Envox CT Connect is the most efficient and economical choice for any organization that wants to add CTI to its call center operations."

Envox CT Connect will be deployed with MyCom's MYKENE Communications Center System, which is software designed specifically to help service and call centers better manage customer information and multichannel communications. The highly flexible solution integrates with a client's existing infrastructure and MyCom then tailors the solution to its service processes. It includes advanced CTI functionality including agent screen pop, sophisticated call routing and predictive dialing to make call centers more customer-centric and efficient.

To enable CTI functionality, MYKENE must be integrated with a client's PBX, which is traditionally a difficult and time consuming process. Instead of doing this, MyCom chose to write a single integration to the Envox CT Connect API, which provides the client with instant connectivity to a wide range of PBX and ACD infrastructures.

"Envox CT Connect is the most reliable CTI software solution on the market today," said Karsten Reimann, Chairman of MyCom AG. "If our engineers had to do the integration work themselves, it would take 3-4 months for each particular PBX model. Envox CT Connect significantly shortens deployment time and generates rapid ROI for our clients."

Organizations whose businesses depend on efficient service and call centers to deliver great customer service choose MyCom AG as demonstrated in the following examples:

   --  With four call centers employing over 1,000 agents, Getaline is the       outsourcing partner for companies looking to improve their customer       communications. MyCom used Envox CT Connect to deploy inbound and       outbound solutions that streamlined call handling operations and       increased agent efficiency. By deploying an agent screen pop solution       to automatically identify customers as they called in, Getaline       reduced average call time by 15-20%, generating a significant savings       for the company.    --  DV-Com, a premium provider of customer care services, is one of the       fastest growing companies in Germany today. They worked with MyCom to       maximize the productivity of their two call centers. The company's       Envox-based agent screen pop solution significantly cut call time and       the predictive dialer increased the efficiency of outbound calling       programs by 40%.   

Envox CT Connect enables the development and deployment of voice self-service, contact center and unified communications solutions for IP and TDM networks at dramatically lower costs by providing out-of-the-box integration with the leading PBX, IP-PBX, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and IP communication environments. With support for industry-standard hardware, operating systems, network services and call control programming interfaces such C, C++, Java and ActiveX, value added resellers, system integrators and application developers can easily integrate the intelligent call control features that they need into their existing business applications.

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About MyCom AG

MyCom AG, a German company specializing in call center solutions, developed the MYKENE Communications Center System, innovative software for better managing customer information and multichannel communications. MYKENE is a highly flexible solution which MyCom then integrates with a client's existing infrastructure and tailors to its service processes. This results in tailor-made solutions for every enterprise - independent of size and branch.

   The main features of MYKENE include:   --  integrated CRM  approach   --  maximum flexibility   --  multichannel communications   

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