September 30, 2008

Web Based Systems & Services Patents To Be Sold at Live Auction on October 30th in Chicago

Ocean Tomo Auctions, LLC today announced it will offer for sale several innovative Web Based Systems & Services Lots relating to Internet search and browsing, website content management, and information processing. The Lots will be offered at The Ocean Tomo Fall 2008 Live IP Auction on October 30th in Chicago, IL.

Web Based Systems & Services Lot Summaries

 Lot  IP Assets Included                  Description ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 6a   US Patent 6,160,552                 Managing multiple hierarchical lists within a browser ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 7    US Patent 7,043,443; US patent      Matching potential employees application 60/193,460              and potential employers over a network ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 7a   US Patent 7,379,963; US patent      Subscriber-based delivery of application 12/098,371 and related  web content foreign counterparts ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 8    US Patent 7,039,860; US patent      Web page production and application 11/067,676 and related  revision publication method foreign counterparts                for global electronic network ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 9    US Patents 5,359,508; 6,131,085;    Answer collection and 6,856,986; US patent applications   retrieval system 08/327,704; 08/389,405; 08/526,497; 08/640,132; 11/058,445 and related foreign counterparts ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 10   US Patent 6,271,840                 Graphical search engine visual index ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 

Lot 7a relates to a system which allows a client to subscribe to information available on the Internet and to register devices to which they would like the information sent. The system constantly monitors a multitude of sources and updates information in the network, allowing users to receive the latest and most relevant information.

Lot 8 focuses on website content management and addresses the need for a simpler, more effective method for dynamic website setup. The Lot discloses a method of conducting semi-dynamic updates by generating "search engine optimized" static HTML pages on a PC or server and batch uploading new and revised files to a web server to keep the locations in sync.

Lot 10 relates to a method of graphically indexing search results allowing users to see the content contained on each of the web pages found in a search. By employing this technology, which produces user-friendly search engine interfaces, users will no longer be limited to textual results and will instead have the ability to compare pictures with the information for which they are searching.

Potential acquirers for the aforementioned patent assets may include employment agencies and online job listing companies; electronic document publishers; online database management companies; social networking companies; ISPs; Internet and mobile browser companies; mobile phone and software companies; wireless companies; telecommunications companies; and Internet search engine companies.

For more information on any of the Web Based Systems & Services Lots and to register to bid or attend the event, please contact us at 312.377.4851 or [email protected] or visit

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