October 1, 2008

TH Joins Google Online Endeavor

By Brian Cooper

Earlier this month, Google announced an exciting (and exhaustive) endeavor, and the Telegraph Herald is pleased to be part of it.The Internet giant plans to tap into the rich resource of newspaper archives, digitizing and posting online the microfilm of hundreds of U.S. papers.The TH has agreed to be a partner in the project. That means that the TH's pages of the past will be available online, searchable - and free.Don't look for the TH just yet. We are in the queue for digitization, and Google has not notified us when we will be "live.""Around the globe, we estimate that there are billions of news pages containing every story ever written," Google stated in its announcement. "And it's our goal to help readers find all of them, from the smallest local weekly paper up to the largest national daily."For examples of how these pages will look, click "Web links" on THonline.com. You can see how the Pittsburgh Post- Gazette reported U.S. astronauts' first moon landing.While that history was being made, you can see how Apollo 11 bumped other news off front pages. The weekend of the moon mission, a car driven by U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy careened off a Massachusetts bridge, killing secretary Mary Jo Kopechne.So, when you hear that this story or that story was "buried" inside the paper, sometimes it's a good idea to check and see what else was going on in the world.Google has already worked with some major newspapers to have some of their articles available. As more papers' microfilm reels are scanned and digitized, this content will be aggregated.Meanwhile, if you have a Carnegie-Stout Public Library card, you don't have to wait to search old newspapers. Carnegie-Stout subscribes to ProQuest Historical Newspapers, which offers big-city papers' content, and NewsBank. You can search by topic or name or word(s), or simply scan a particular day's edition. If you don't live in the Carnegie-Stout service area, your own library might have the service - or you might be eligible to purchase an out-of-area library card and use the service.Anyway, as I receive more information about the TH archival editions going online, I will pass it along to you. We're excited about this partnership with Google, and believe it will contribute to and enhance newspapers' role as reporters of history.New look to Opinion pageOur redesigned Opinion page is not an eye-popping change, but I thought I'd mention why we launched the new look last week.By positioning TH editorials (and this column) vertically instead of horizontally across the top of the page, and printing the editorial cartoon slightly smaller, we will expand the offering of syndicated columnists and carry more op-ed submissions.Not a huge change, but it works.Cooper's e-mail address is [email protected]

Originally published by Brian Cooper TH executive editor.

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