October 1, 2008

Nokia Expands Business Mobility Strategy

Nokia has expanded its business mobility strategy to focus on delivering best-in-class devices and solutions to the consumer internet services market in partnership with enterprise technology vendors, as part of an overall effort to access new opportunities and revenues.

The company said it will stop developing behind-the-firewall business mobility applications, and reallocate the technology and expertise to its new consumer push e-mail service. The new service will utilize third-party technologies from organizations such as Microsoft, IBM, and Cisco to offer enterprise solutions. As part of the strategy, the company has announced plans to sell its security appliances business.

Niklas Savander, executive vice president of services & software at Nokia, said: "The initial success of the Nokia E71 with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync is a great example of the attractiveness of our new approach. We will also continue with our investment strategy to develop key consumer internet services in areas such as music, games, media, messaging and context based services. "

Earlier this month, Nokia embedded Microsoft Exchange Activesync on over 40 Nokia S60 phones for easy access to Microsoft corporate e-mail. The company plans to retrofit the operating interface on 80 million of its handsets, twice the number of BlackBerry smartphones sold to date, to gain a footing in the smartphone market.