October 1, 2008

StumbleUpon Introduces the StumbleUpon Partner Program Enabling Discovery on Partner Sites

StumbleUpon (www.stumbleupon.com), the leading way to discover Web sites and videos on the Internet, today unveiled a new Partner Program which offers premier partners a suite of tools that help their users to discover more personally relevant and interesting content within their site. This program will feature Partner StumbleThru which will allow visitors to Stumble exclusively within a partner's site, without having to register for an account or go to www.stumbleupon.com.

HowStuffWorks.com, HuffingtonPost.com, NationalGeographic.com and RollingStone.com are the first sites to choose StumbleUpon's unique discovery engine to help their visitors discover content matching their interests. Starting today, visitors to HowStuffworks.com and HuffingtonPost.com can enjoy Stumbling through the best of their content - a great opportunity for publishers to maximize user engagement and exposure for existing and new content added to their sites. Discovery within the NationalGeographic.com and RollingStone.com sites will be available in the coming weeks.

"The partnership with StumbleUpon is another way that HowStuffWorks.com provides relevant, quality content to a self-selected audience of curiosity seekers," said Mike Cascone, chief operating officer of HowStuffWorks.com. "HowStuffWorks.com has thousands of articles available through StumbleUpon, helping users navigate the online world and discover content that is informational, entertaining, and that has been endorsed by their peers."

Partner StumbleThru increases the effectiveness and appeal of partner content, generating deeper user engagement, more user activity, page views and time spent on the site. This feature allows visitors to easily Stumble through content, rate and submit pages from the partner's site to StumbleUpon, increasing their Web site's potential for viral distribution.

"Many publishers have a significant amount of content on their Web sites that is often buried and difficult to find. With StumbleUpon's new Partner Program, select premier publishers can expose personally relevant content to their users by enabling Stumbling across their site, and in turn, can create an even more engaging user experience. StumbleUpon simply targets the publishers' content to more relevant users, increasing a user's activity on the site," said Michael Buhr, general manager of StumbleUpon.

Each partner's site will display a StumbleUpon badge, a custom widget that allows their users to StumbleThru and rate more of their content. When visitors click "Stumble!" on the badge, a navigation tool appears as a frame above the partner's page to deliver pertinent content from within the site each time a user Stumbles. This interaction offers a new personalized and engaging way for their users to discover their content - without leaving the partner's site.

"As a regular StumbleUpon user, I'm excited about integrating StumbleUpon's discovery engine into The Huffington Post," said Jonah Peretti, founding partner of The Huffington Post, "The new badges provide a more seamless experience for our readers and will help promote HuffPost's best content and send the site more traffic."

StumbleUpon currently offers a similar capability with its StumbleThru feature on the Toolbar, which allows users to exclusively StumbleThru select sites such as Wikipedia and Flickr, rather than the entire Web. Partner StumbleThru makes this capability accessible to a broader range of users, enabling discovery of new content without having to first visit www.stumbleupon.com. Starting today, StumbleUpon's discovery engine - the leading social media discovery engine with over 350M Stumbles delivered a month - will give users browsing content on HowStuffWorks.com and HuffingtonPost.com, the option to begin "StumblingThru" content on that site directly from the page they first visit and without installing the StumbleUpon Toolbar.

"StumbleUpon is thrilled to offer select media partners the opportunity to deliver the one-of-a-kind 'Stumbling' experience to their users," continued Buhr, "Everyone wins with StumbleUpon's Partner Program - Internet users discover even more personally relevant content, while partnering sites receive an increase in user engagement and page views."

For more information on the Partner Program and other ways partners can use StumbleUpon, visit the Partner Program page at http://www.stumbleupon.com/about/partnerprogram/.

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