October 1, 2008

Zultys Introduces New ONE Pre-Packaged IP PBX Systems

Zultys, Inc. today announced a new line of hardware and software packages that make it easy for small to medium sized companies to purchase IP PBX enterprise systems. A Zultys ONE system is simple to buy and deploy, and scales in capacity as a company grows.

"We've been listening to customers in the marketplace," said Steve Rothenberg, CEO of Zultys, Inc. "Most business owners want to focus on their mission, not on technology. They asked us to develop a streamlined process for purchasing an integrated suite of pre-packaged, pre-configured systems that would work seamlessly together, and would be easy to administer."

The ready-to-use packages start with the award-winning MX250 platform. Customers then purchase a kit sized for the number of users in their organization. ONE packages will support up to 250 people without adding equipment, and can be extended to as many as 10,000 users across an entire system.

The entry level ONE Essential is built on the MX 30 platform for 10 users and is expandable to 30 users. Additional ONE packages available include the ONE/20, ONE/50, ONE/100, and ONE/200, and they include every necessary component for a state-of-the-art IP PBX communications system, except for the phones themselves.

Zultys, a Silicon Valley company known for developing innovative, open standards IP communications and telephony products, will offer the ONE systems through its national network of distributors and value-added resellers.

"I'm very excited to provide my customers with a simplified method of evaluating, selecting, and installing powerful phone systems," said George Richardson, CEO of CT Distributing based in Greenville, South Carolina, one of Zultys' largest U.S. distributors. "ONE kits come complete with the most requested features, like call forwarding, call routing, faxing, and centralized administration."

"We've designed the ONE bundles to aggressively improve our competitive position in the small to medium size business market, and we expect to see an increase in sales as a result," said Rothenberg.

Richardson continued, "CT Distributing prefers to recommend Zultys' ONE because it is based on solid, open standards IP technology, which provides smarter, and more affordable, enterprise-level communications systems."

Zultys' award winning IP PBX systems offer an all-in-one turnkey system with pre-loaded software and do not require additional or external servers. The platform supports PC, Mac, and Linux equipment, so installation and maintenance are less complex, deploy faster, and are more cost effective than with other brands.

Companies interested in learning more about Zultys ONE and reseller opportunities may contact the company at 1-408-328-0450, Ext. 800.

About CT Distributing

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About Zultys Inc.

Zultys, a Silicon Valley company founded in 2002, is defining what's possible for Open Standards IP communications and telephony. The company's Open Standards IP technology is the building block for its award winning IP PBX systems. Companies and organizations around the world are experiencing the benefits of an Open Standards IP platform for their communications needs. Find out more at www.zultys.com.