October 1, 2008

Child Safety Coalition Announces Stop Internet Predators Awareness Week

WASHINGTON, Oct. 1 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Today Stop Child Predators announced that the final week in October - which is already designated Cyber Security Awareness Month - will be Stop Internet Predators Awareness Week, as part of a new campaign to raise awareness nationwide about emerging technologies that threaten the safety and security of children.

Parents are often - and understandably - unable to keep up with the rapid development of new technologies that can pose new risks for children and families. This lack of awareness renders responsible parents unable to take the necessary steps to protect their families. One recent example of such technology is the Google Maps "Street View" application, which allows Internet users to view high-resolution photographs of homes and schools - images that in some cases include children playing outside. Although images are not live, Google "Street View" can memorialize a minor's photograph in association with a physical address, without parental consent, for all Internet users to see.

Stop Internet Predators has created a petition calling for a ban on this application until it has been safeguarded to ensure children's safety and privacy. Stop Internet Predators encourages supporters to join nearly 1,000 signers of the petition at http://www.stopinternetpredators.org/docs/action/petition.shtml.

Throughout Stop Internet Predators Awareness Week, coalition members will team up with local organizations in cities across the nation to facilitate discussion about the privacy and security concerns raised by Google "Street View" and what people can do to protect themselves.

"October, being Cyber Security Awareness Month, is an excellent opportunity for Stop Internet Predators Awareness Week as we take our campaign on the road to encourage families to be proactive when it comes to protecting their children from potentially harmful online applications," said Stacie Rumenap, Executive Director of Stop Child Predators, the organization leading the Stop Internet Predator campaign.

For more information about the campaign and for our complete list of partners, please visit http://www.stopinternetpredators.org/.

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