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October 1, 2008

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World Information Security Products and Services Market


This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Information Security Products and Services in US$ Million. The major product segments analyzed are – Information Security Software, Information Security Hardware, and Information Security Services. The sub-product segments analyzed under the Information Security Software segment include Identity & Access Management (Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Web Single Sign-On, Host Single Sign-On, User Provisioning, Directory Services, Legacy Authorization, Advanced Authentication), Secure Content Management (Antivirus, Web Filtering, Messaging Security), Intrusion Detection/Prevention, Security & Vulnerability Management, Firewall/VPN Software, and Other Security Software. The sub-product segments analyzed under the Information Security Hardware segment include Hardware Authentication (Tokens, Smart Cards, Biometrics), Threat Management Security Appliances, Firewall/VPN Hardware/Appliances, SCM Appliances, Intrusion Detection/Prevention Appliances, and Unified Threat Management Appliances. The sub-product segments analyzed under the Information Security Services segment include Implementation Services, Consulting Services, Management Services, Education & Training, and Response Services. Annual forecasts are provided for each region for the period of 2000 through 2015. The report profiles 485 companies including many key and niche players worldwide such as ActivIdentity Corporation, Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd., Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., CipherTrust Inc., Cisco Systems Inc., Clearswift Ltd., CA, Inc., CA UK, Crossbeam Systems, Inc., F-Secure Corporation, Fortinet Inc., IBM Internet Security Systems, Juniper Networks Inc., McAfee Inc, Novell Inc., Proofpoint Inc., RSA, SafeNet Inc., Secure Computing Corporation, SonicWALL, Inc., Sophos Plc, Symantec Corporation, Trend Micro, Tumbleweed Communications Corp., VeriSign Inc., Verizon Business, WatchGuard Technologies, Inc., WebSense Inc., Leading Global Information Security Research Institutes – Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security, Information Security Research Center, and Information Security Group. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are mostly extracted from URL research and reported select online sources

 INFORMATION SECURITY PRODUCTS & SERVICES MCP-1410  A GLOBAL STRATEGIC BUSINESS REPORT  CONTENTS  I. INTRODUCTION, METHODOLOGY & PRODUCT DEFINITIONS  Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1  Disclaimers I-2  Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-2  Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-2  Product Definitions and Scope of Study I-3  Information Security Software I-4  1. Identity & Access Management (I&AM) I-5  1a. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) I-5  1b. Web Single Sign-On I-5  1c. Host Single Sign-On I-5  1d. User Provisioning I-5  1e. Directory Services I-5  1f. Legacy Authorization I-5  1g. Advanced Authentication I-6  2. Secure Content Management (SCM) I-6  2a. Antivirus Software I-6  2b. Web/Content Filtering I-6  2c. Messaging Security (E-mail Scanning) I-6  3. Intrusion Detection/Prevention (IDP) I-6  4. Security & Vulnerability Management I-6  5. Firewall/VPN Software I-7  6. Other Security Software I-7  Information Security Hardware I-7  1. Hardware Authentication Products I-7  1a. Tokens I-7  1b. Smart Cards I-7  1c. Biometrics I-8  2. Threat Management Security Appliances I-8  2a. Firewall/VPN Appliances I-8  2b. SCM Appliances I-8  2c. Intrusion Detection/Prevention Appliances I-8  2d. Unified Threat Management (UTM) Appliances I-8  Information Security Services I-8  1. Consulting Services I-9  2. Education and Training Services I-9  3. Implementation Services I-9  4. Management Services I-9  5. Response Services I-9  II. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY  1. Market Overview II-1  Market on a Roll II-1  Market Drivers II-1  Rapid Expansion in Security Technologies II-1  Regulatory Compliance Requirements II-1  Fading Boundaries II-1  On-Demand Computing II-2  Dearth of Trained Staff and Infrastructure II-2  Sophisticated Security Products II-2  Escalation in Frequency of Threats II-2  Growth in Effectiveness of Attacks II-2  Rise in Business Over Internet II-2  Market Growth Inhibitors II-3  Global Market Overview and Analysis II-3  US Holds the Lion's Share II-3  Table 1: Global Market for Information Security Products &  Services (2000-2010): Geographic Regions Ranked by CAGR -  Asia-Pacific (Excl. Japan), Europe, Latin America, Canada,  US and Japan (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-3  Services Hold the Largest Chunk II-3  Table 2: Global Market for Information Security Products &  Services (2000-2010): Information Security Segments Ranked  by CAGR - Information Security Services, Information  Security Hardware and Information Security Software  (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-4  Hardware Security Appliances Outpaces Security Software Growth II-4  Table 3: Worldwide Information Security Market by  Infrastructure (2005): Usage of Technology for Large  Businesses, Medium Businesses and Small Businesses  (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-4  End Use Markets II-4  Table 4: Worldwide Information Security Market (2005):  Percentage Breakdown of Spending by End Use Industries for  Finance, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Services, Public  Sector, and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-5  Information Security Market - Principal Characteristics II-5  Highly Competitive II-5  Consolidating Products II-6  Convergence - Another Form of Consolidation II-6  Rapid Change in Technologies II-6  Growing Demand for Information Security Professionals II-6  Point Product Vendors on Decline II-6  Table 5: Worldwide Information Security Market by  Distribution Channel (2004 & 2005): Percentage Breakdown of  Revenues by Direct, Single-Tier Resale, Multi-Tier and OEM  Channels (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-7  Complexity Prevails II-7  Lack of Full-Proof Security Solutions II-7  Different Appliance Shapes and Sizes II-7  Appliances Offer Multiple Applications II-8  2. Information Security Products & Services - A Market Insight II-9  Information Security Software Market on a Growth Spree II-9  Identity & Access Management Solutions - Still an Undersized  Market II-9  Legacy Authorization II-10  Secure Content Management Leads the Pack II-10  Antivirus Accounts for Lion's Share II-10  Web Filtering II-10  Messaging Security (E-mail Scanning) - A Promising Market II-11  Intrusion Detection/Prevention II-11  Security & Vulnerability Management II-11  Firewall/VPN Software II-11  Information Security Hardware II-11  Hardware Authentication - A Trivial but Embryonic Market II-12  Biometrics II-12  Tokens & Smart Cards II-12  Threat Management Security Appliances - Order of the Day II-12  Firewall/VPN Appliances II-12  VPN Market on an Upswing II-13  SSL VPN - A Nascent Market II-13  SCM Appliances II-13  Intrusion Detection/Prevention Appliances II-13  UTM Appliances - A Whip on Blended Security Threats II-13  Increasing Fascination for UTM Appliances in Large Enterprises II-14  Information Security Services - The Mushrooming Segment II-14  3. Competitive Landscape II-15  Technological Convergence Paves Way for Consolidation II-15  Leading Participants by Industry Segment II-15  Worldwide Information Security Products and Services Market:  Leading Players by Select Segment II-15  Table 6: Leading Players in the World Market for Information  Security Software (2003 & 2005) - Percentage Breakdown of  Revenues by Vendor for Check Point/Nokia, Computer  Associates, Network Associates(i) (McAfee), Symantec, Trend  Micro, and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-16  Table 7: Leading Players in the World Market for Identity &  Access Management Software (2003 & 2005) - Percentage  Breakdown of Revenues by Vendor for Computer Associates,  IBM, VeriSign, RSA, Netegrity, Entrust, Novell, Sun, and  Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-17  Table 8: Leading Players in the World Market for Secure  Content Management Software (2003-2005) - Percentage  Breakdown of Revenues by Vendor for Symantec, Network  Associates (McAfee), TrendMicro, Computer Associates, and  Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-18  Table 9: Leading Players in the World Market for Antivirus  Software (2003 & 2005) - Percentage Breakdown of Revenues by  Vendor for Symantec, Network Associates (McAfee), Trend  Micro, Computer Associates, and Others (includes  corresponding Graph/Chart) II-19  Table 10: Leading Players in the World Market for Web  Filtering Software (2003, 2004 & 2005) - Percentage  Breakdown of Revenues by Vendor for Websense, SurfControl,  Secure Computing, Symantec, CyberGuard and Others (includes  corresponding Graph/Chart) II-20  Table 11: Leading Players in the World Market for Messaging  Security (2004 & 2005) - Percentage Breakdown of Revenues by  Vendor for Symantec, CipherTrust, Tumbleweed, Clearswift,  Postini, SurfControl and Others (includes corresponding  Graph/Chart) II-21  Table 12: Leading Players in the World Market for Security &  Vulnerability Management Software (2003 & 2005) - Percentage  Breakdown of Revenues by Vendor for Computer Associates,  Symantec, NetIQ, HP, BindView, ISS and Others (includes  corresponding Graph/Chart) II-22  Table 13: Leading Players in the World Market for Patchingand Remediation Software (2004 & 2006 (E)) - Percentage  Breakdown of Revenues by Vendor for PatchLink, Shavlik  Technologies, St. Bernard, Microsoft, HP and Others  (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-23  Table 14: Leading Players in the World Market for Intrusion  Detection/Prevention Software (2003 & 2005) - Percentage  Breakdown of Revenues by Vendor for Computer Associates,  Internet Security Systems, Symantec, and Others (includes  corresponding Graph/Chart) II-23  Table 15: Leading Players in the World Market for Network  Intrusion Detection/Prevention Software (2003 & 2005) -  Percentage Breakdown of Revenues by Vendor for Internet  Security Systems, Symantec, and Others (includes  corresponding Graph/Chart) II-24  Table 16: Leading Players in the World Market for Host  Intrusion Detection/Prevention Software (2003 & 2005) -  Percentage Breakdown of Revenues by Vendor for Internet  Security Systems, Network Associates (McAfee), Tripwire,  Cisco, Symantec, and Others (includes corresponding  Graph/Chart) II-24  Table 17: Leading Players in the World Market for  Firewall/VPN (2004, 2005 & 2006): Percentage Breakdown of  Revenues by Vendor for Cisco, Check Point, NetScreen/  Juniper, Nokia, Nortel, SonicWALL, and Others (includes  corresponding Graph/Chart) II-25  Table 18: Leading Players in the World Market for  Firewall/VPN Software (2004, 2005 & 2006): Percentage  Breakdown of Revenues by Vendor for Check Point, Microsoft,  Symantec and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-25  Table 19: Leading Players in the World Market for Firewall/  VPN Hardware (2004, 2005 & 2006): Percentage Breakdown of  Revenues by Vendor for Cisco, SonicWALL, WatchGuard,  Juniper, Nortel, Symantec, Nokia, and Others (includes  corresponding Graph/Chart) II-26  Table 20: Leading Players in the World Market for  Authentication Products (2003 & 2005): Percentage Breakdown  of Revenues by Vendor for RSA Security, SafeNet, Aladdin  Knowledge Systems, VASCO, ActivCard, Secure Computing and  Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-27  Table 21: Leading Players in the World Market for Security  Appliances (2004 & 2005): Percentage Breakdown of Revenues  by Vendor for Cisco, Juniper, Nokia, SonicWALL, Internet  Security Systems and Others (includes corresponding  Graph/Chart) II-28  Table 22: Leading Players in the World Market for SCM  Appliances (2004): Percentage Breakdown of Revenues by  Vendor for CipherTrust, IronPort, Barracuda, Borderware,  Proofpoint and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-28  Table 23: Leading Players in the World Market for Intrusion  Detection and Prevention Systems (2004, 2005 & 2006):  Percentage Breakdown of Revenues by Vendor for Cisco,  Internet Security Systems, McAfee, SourceFire, Juniper,  Check Point and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-29  Table 24: Leading Players in the World Market for Network  Intrusion Detection and Prevention Appliances (2004 & 2006  E): Percentage Breakdown of Revenues by Vendor for Cisco,  Internet Security Systems, McAfee, Juniper, SourceFire,  TippingPoint,Symantec and Others (includes corresponding  Graph/Chart) II-30  Table 25: Leading Players in the World Market for Unified  Threat Management Appliances (2004, 2005 & 2006): Percentage  Breakdown of Revenues by Vendor for Fortinet, Symantec,  Secure Computing, Juniper, Crossbeam, ServGate, SonicWALL,  Check Point and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-31  4. Product Overview II-32  Information Security - An Introduction II-32  Factors Affecting Implementation of Information Security  Solutions by Enterprises Worldwide - Ranked in Order of  Influence II-32  Industry Wise Implementation of Information Security Policy -  Industries Ranked by Level of Implementation II-33  Information Security Related Ailments - Ranked in the Order  of Relative Intensity II-33  Key Security Issues and Implications II-33  Inadequate Budget - Main Constraint Against Effective  Information Security II-34  External Threats Grab Limelight II-34  Organizations are Essentially Reactive Rather than Proactive II-34  Major Restraints to Efficient Information Security in  Enterprises Worldwide -Ranked in Order of Influence II-34  Organization Size - A Key Factor in Security Decisions II-35  Organizational Security Strata II-35  Security Breaches II-36  Types of Internal Security Breaches in Organizations - Ranked  in the Order of Frequency of Occurrence II-36  Types of External Security Breaches in Organizations - Ranked  in the Order of Frequency of Occurrence II-36  Damages Caused by Security Breaches II-36  Proprietary Information Destruction II-36  Disruption in Systems Performance II-37  Data/Application Damage or Corruption II-37  Commonly Discussed Security Threats II-37  Managing Information Security II-38  Measures to Ensure Information Security II-38  Information Security Projects in Organizations - Ranked in  the Order of Relative Importance II-38  5. An Understanding of Key Product Segments II-39  Information Security Software II-40  Identity & Access Management (I&AM) II-40  Key Functionalities of Identity & Access Management Solutions II-40  Authentication II-41  Authorization II-41  Administration II-41  PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) II-41  Benefits of PKI II-42  Glitches with PKI II-42  Single Sign-On (SSO) II-42  Web Single Sign-On II-42  Host Single Sign-On II-43  User Provisioning II-43  Directory Services II-43  Legacy Authorization II-43  Advanced Authentication II-43  Secure Content Management (SCM) II-43  Antivirus Software II-43  Web/Content Filtering II-44  Messaging Security (E-mail Scanning) II-45  Table 26: Principal Factors Affecting Installation of  Web/E-mail Monitoring in Organizations (includes  corresponding Graph/Chart) II-45  Intrusion Detection/Prevention (IDP) II-45  Security & Vulnerability Management II-46  Firewall/VPN II-46  Firewalls II-46  Major Firewall Types II-47  Packet Filter Firewall II-47  Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall II-47  Application Layer Gateways or Proxies II-47  Available Forms of Firewalls II-48  Software Firewalls II-48  Hardware Firewalls II-48  Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) II-48  Key Components of a VPN II-48  VPN Gateways II-48  Security Servers II-48  Keys II-48  Network II-48  Available Forms of VPN II-48  VPN Software II-49  VPN Hardware II-49  Types of VPN II-49  Remote-access VPN II-49  Site-to-Site VPN II-49  Technologies Supporting Delivery of VPN Services II-49  Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) II-49  Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) II-49  Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) II-50  Secure Socket Layer (SSL) II-50  Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) II-50  Firewall/VPN - The Need for Integration II-50  Encryption II-50  Other Security Software II-51  Information Security Hardware II-51  Hardware Authentication Products II-51  Tokens II-51  Smart Cards II-51  Biometrics II-52  Table 27: Worldwide Market for Biometrics (2003 & 2005) -  Percentage Breakdown of Usage by Technology for Finger  Scan, Middleware, Facial Scan, Hand Scan, Iris Scan, and  Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-52  Threat Management Security Appliances II-52  Firewall/VPN Appliances II-53  SCM Appliances II-53  Intrusion Detection/Prevention Appliances II-53  Intrusion Detection System (IDS) II-53  Types of IDS II-53  Network based and Host based IDS II-53  Misuse Detection and Anomaly Detection II-53  Passive System and Reactive System II-54  Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) II-54  Unified Threat Management (UTM) Appliances - The Viable Solution II-54  Benefits of UTM Appliances II-54  Information Security Services II-54  Information Security Services Life Cycle II-55  Stages of Information Security Life Cycle II-55  Initiation II-55  Assessment II-55  Solution II-55  Implementation II-55  Operations II-55  Closeout II-55  Security Policy II-56  Program Policies II-56  Issue-Specific Policies II-56  System-Specific Policies II-56  Security Services Management Tools II-56  Metrics II-56  Service Agreements II-56  Types of Information Security Services II-56  Consulting Services II-56  Education and Training Services II-57  Implementation Services II-57  Management Services II-57  Response Services II-57  6. Product Innovations/Introductions II-58  ActivIdentity Releases 4TRESS Kerberos Agent II-58  ActivIdentity Launches 4TRESS(TM) Authentication Server 3.6.1 II-58  Aladdin Launches eToken NG-FLASH 72K II-58  Clearswift Launches MIMEsweeper for Domino Edge Server II-58  IBM Unveils High Performance Network IPS Solution II-58  Fortinet Introduces FortiGate(TM)-310B Multi-threat Security  Appliance II-59  Juniper launches Network Security Threat Management Solution II-59  McAfee Unveils High Performance Network Security Platforms II-59  RSA Expands Identity Assurance Product Line II-59  EMC Introduces Enhances Security and Risk Management Capabilities II-59  Symantec Launches New Service Offerings II-60  WatchGuard Unveils Next-Generation Network Security Solutions II-60  HP Expands Security Advantage Portfolio II-60  Liberty Alliance Introduces Digital Identity Management  Applications II-60  McAfee Introduces Total Protection II-61  Bull Unveils StoreWay Calypso Data Management Software II-61  Digital Defense Unveils ISRS Portfolio II-61  Sun Microsystems Expands Identity Management Portfolio II-61  AirPatrol Introduces Wireless Security Product Line II-61  Quest Software Expands Identity & Access Management Product Range II-61  Clearswift Unveils Novel Email Firewall II-62  Crossbeam System Introduces Novel Web Security Solution II-62  Fortinet Launches FortiWifi(TM)-60B, FortiGate(TM)-60B II-62  Fortinet Expands FortiGate(TM)-3000 Line II-62  Proofpoint Launches Advanced Virtual Security Appliance II-62  Symantec Releases Norton AntiVirus 2008 & Norton Internet  Security 2008 II-63  Tumbleweed Launches Novel Email Security Solution II-63IBM Expands Identity Management Services II-63  Microsoft and Experian Jointly Introduce Identity Management  Product II-63  IBM Launches TSM 5.5 Version II-63  Above Security Unveils CSC2 Application II-64  IBM Introduces Novel Security Services and Products II-64  Symantec Launches Database Security 3.0 II-64  Novell Launches Access Manager 3 II-64  Quantum Introduces Q-EKM Solution II-65  Seagate Introduces 9 Security and Storage Devices II-65  NetWrix Introduces NetWrix Password Manager II-65  Wipro and Oracle Jointly Launch Identity Management Service II-65  Sun Microsystems and Deloitte Jointly Launch ERLM II-65  Cogneto Unveils UNOMI(TM) Ultra Lite Identity Management Solution II-66  SAP Expands SAP NetWeaver(R) Portfolio II-66  Sun Microsystems Launches New Identity Management Products II-66  Oracle Introduces Oracle(R) Management Pack II-66  IBM Unveils New Security Software, Identity Mixer II-67  Centeris Launches Likewise Identity 3.0 II-67  Cyber-Ark Integrates PPM Solution into Oracle Identity  Management Ecosystem II-67  ForeScout Integrates CounterACT Solution into Oracle(R) Identity  Manager II-67  ActivIdentity Corporation Launches ActivIdentity Solutions for  Sun II-68  Actividentity Adds New Securelogin Kiosk to its Range of  Healthcare Solutions II-68  ActivIdentity Launches an Entire Line of MS-Windows Vista-  Supporting Solutions II-68  ActivIdentity Debuts Comprehensive Solutions Targeting Novell II-68  Aladdin Knowledge Airs New Aladdin eToken PKI Client Versions II-68  Aladdin Launches Reasonably-Priced Appliance for the SMB Market II-69  Aladdin's ESafe WTA Offers Exclusive Security Audits for  Assessing Web Protection II-69  Aladdin Consolidates Market Leadership through the Launch of  Advanced eToken Authentication Solutions II-69  Aladdin Unleashes Industry's First-Ever Software Rights  Managing Solution - HASP SRM II-69  EVault Web CentralControl Launched for Easy Management of Data  Security Environments II-69  Barracuda Makes Third Generation Enhancement to the Company's  Image Spam Defense II-70  Barracuda Web Filter Includes New Skype Management Features II-70  BorderWare Offers SIPassure VoIP Security on Sun Microsystems  Technology US) II-70  BorderWare Launches Domain and User Reputation Patent Pending  Technologies II-70  BorderWare Offers Multi Protocol Behavioural Analysis Systems II-70  EVault Launches EVault Web CentralControl II-71  Check Point Releases NGX R65, the Upgraded Version of Unified  Security Architecture Platform with Additional Features and  Enhanced Performance II-71  Check Point Introduces New UTM Security Appliances for Medium  Scale Enterprises II-71  Check Point Launches New Adaptive Security Solution for  Converged Carrier Communications II-71  Check Point Introduces ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 7.0 II-72  Fortinet Launches a Security Software Agent for Mobile Devices II-72  Fujitsu and Softex Together Develop Integrated Authentication  Device For Security Market II-72  Fortinet Raises The Bar For Multi-Threat Security With The  Release of Fortigate-3600a II-72  Fortinet Releases Combined Security and Networking Platform,  Fortigate-224B II-73  Enterasys Releases Upgraded Version Of Entrerasys Sentinel Nac  Solution for Superior Network Access Control II-73  IronPort(R) Systems, Inc. Integrates Malware Filtering,  Reputation Filtering and URL Filtering into its IronPort S-  Series(TM) Web Security Appliances II-73  IronPort(R) Systems, Inc. Releases Advanced Context Adaptive  Scanning Engine (TM) (CASE) 2.0 II-73  IronPort(R) Systems, Inc. Launches the IronPort C650(TM) Email  Security Appliance II-73  L-1 Identity Solutions, Inc. Launches Latest Version of IBIS II-74  Microsoft Corp. Introduces Range of Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus  Products II-74  Mirage Networks(R) Introduces Next-generation Mirage NAC(TM)  Version 3 II-74  nCipher Plc Releases KeepSecure Product Suite II-74  nCipher Plc. Releases miniHSM(TM) II-75  NetIQ Corp. Introduces NetIQ(R) IntelliPolicy for Clients 1.7 II-75  NetIQ Corporation Unveils NetIQ(R) DRA 8.0 II-75  Norman Introduces New Online Security Solution to Prevent  Malware Attacks II-75  Norman Introduces SandBox Analyzer II-75  Secure Computing Presents Sidewinder 7.0 II-76  Sophos Unveils Sophos Mobile Security for Windows Mobile II-76  Secure computing Corporation Introduces Webwasher 6.5 in Its  Unique Web Gateway Security II-76  Sophos Launches ES1000 Email Security Appliance for SMEs II-76  Sophos Launches WS1000 Web Control Platform II-76  Stonesoft Corp Launches New Generation StoneGate(TM) Security II-77  Symantec Launches New Security Information Manager II-77  Trend Micro Introduces New Beta Version of ScanMail for  Microsoft Exchange II-77  Trend Micro Introduces New Versions of Worry- Free Security  Products II-77  Trend Micro Introduces Security Suite Compatible with Windows  Vista II-77  Trend Micro Introduces New Versions of InterScan Messaging  Security Suite and InterScan Messaging Security Appliance II-78  Websense Launches Websense(R) Content Protection Suite II-78  Oakley Networks Introduces SureView(TM) 4.0 Software II-78  Ceelox Introduces New Email Encryption Solution II-78  Verizon Business Launches Verizon Managed Web Content Services II-79  EMC Expands Information Security Services Portfolio II-79  eSoft Unveils Desktop Anti-Virus/Spyware Suite II-79  Crossroads Launches Enhanced Database Security Appliance Version II-79  SAVVIS Launches Managed Security Service through Cisco  Adaptive Security Appliance II-79  Velosecure Launches Identity Finder, a New Software Product to  Prevent Identity Theft II-79  GFI Software Releases the New Version of GFI LANguard N.S.S. 8 II-80  TippingPoint Announces Fine-Grained NAC Solution II-80  Utimaco to Introduce SafeGuard Enterprise 5.0 II-80  TippingPoint Offers Managed Security Service for TippingPoint IPS II-80  ActivIdentity Rolls Out Mini Token OE and Authentication SDK II-80  Stonesoft Creates Position-Identifying Technology for Personal  Firewalls II-81  ActivIdentity Introduces Industry's First e-SSO Solution  Featuring Completely Integrated Smart Card Support II-81  Aladdin Knowledge Systems Debuts Aladdin eToken NG-OTP 2.0, a  Hybrid Device II-81  Aladdin Introduces eToken NG-FLASH II-81  Aladdin Launches eToken Middleware Software for Linux and MAC OS II-81  Barracuda Networks Introduces Barracuda Load Balancer II-82  Barracuda Networks Introduces Barracuda IM Firewall World Over II-82  Barracuda Networks Launches Barracuda Spyware Removal Tool II-82  BigFix Releases BigFix Enterprise Suite 6.0 II-82  BigFix Introduces BigFix Vulnerability and Security  Configuration Management Suite II-83  BorderWare Offers Intercept(TM) Technology to Combat Image Spam II-83  BorderWare Launches Integrated Content Security Platform II-83  CA Introduces Innovative IAM Solution for Minimizing Risk II-83  CA Introduces New eTrust SiteMinder 6.0 SP5 II-84  CA Introduces Comprehensive Set of Security and Desktop  Management Solutions II-84  CA Introduces Three New IAM Systems II-84  CA Launches New eTrust SCM r8 for Protection against Data  Confidentiality Violations, Messaging and Web Threats II-84  CA Releases CA Integrated Threat Management r8 Security Product II-84  Check Point(R) Unveils the Upgraded VPN-1 UTM Edge 7.0 Appliance II-84  Check Point Releases SecureClient(TM) Mobile II-85  Check Point Launches ZoneAlarm Secure Wireless Router II-85  Check Point Software Releases Check Point VPN-1 UTM Edge II-85  Check Point Software Launches ZoneAlarm Internet Security  Suite 6.5 II-85  Check Point Software Launches Safe@Office UTM Appliance with  ADSL Modem II-85  Check Point Software Introduces Integrity Clientless Security 4.0 II-86  Check Point Software Introduces VPN-1 Power and VPN-1 UTM  Gateways II-86  Check Point Software Introduces New Version of NGX Security  Platform II-86  Cisco Launches Cisco Secure Services Client 4.0 Mobile  Enterprise Security Software II-86  Cisco Systems Unveils NAC Appliance 4.0 II-86  Cisco Systems Launches Two New Adaptive Security Appliance  Models CSA 5505 and 5550 II-87  Cisco Systems Inc Adds CSC-SSM Services to Anti-X SSLVPN Solution II-87  Cisco Systems Inc Launches New Cisco Security Management Suite II-87  Clearswift Launches MIMEsweeper Web Appliance II-87  Clearswift Launches MIMEsweeper SMTP Appliance 2.4 Version II-87  Enterasys Presents A Pioneering Integrated Solution II-88  Cybertrust Expands MMS Portfolio with the Addition of  Cybertrust Intelligent Service II-88  Crossbeam Adds C12 And C25 Utm Platforms to its C-Series Range II-88  Websense and Crossbeam Jointly Introduce Webblazer(TM) II-88  Clearswift Presents New Version of Mimesweeper II-88  Clearswift Unveils Mimesweeper SMTP Appliance Version 2.3 to  Simplify Email Security II-88  F-Secure Launches F-Secure(R) Service Platform for Gateways II-89  F-Secure Unveils F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway(TM) P-Series II-89  IBM Launches Tivoli Provisioning Manager for Software II-89  IBM Introduces Tivoli Security Operations Manager II-89  IBM Research Labs Releases New Software II-90  IBM Introduces SOA Security Consulting Services and WebSphere  DataPower SOA Appliances II-90  IBM Releases Tivoli Identity Manager Express II-90  Internet Security Systems Releases Proventia Management  SiteProtector II-90  IronPort Systems Launches the IronPort M-Series Security  Management Appliances II-90  Juniper Networks Announces Advanced IDP Platform and Software II-91  Juniper Networks Unveils SSG 5, SSG 140 and SSG 20 II-91  Juniper Networks Launches DXOSTM version 5.1 II-91  Juniper Networks Introduces SA 6000 FIPS and SA 4000 FIPS II-91  Juniper Networks Unveils SSG 550 and 520 Platforms II-91  McAfee Releases McAfee(R) Total Protection for Enterprise 2.0 II-92  McAfee Unveils McAfee(R) VirusScan(R) II-92  McAfee Introduces Falcon II-92  Microsoft Introduces Beta Version of ForeFront Security II-92Norman Releases NVC II-92  Norman Introduces NVCNet for Terminal Servers II-93  Proofpoint Launches Enterprise-class Messaging Security  Gateway(TM) Virtual Edition II-93  Proofpoint Introduces Next-generation Messaging Security  Messaging Security Gateway(TM) 4.0 Appliance II-93  Proofpoint Introduces New Zero-Hour Anti- Virus(TM) Module II-93  RSA Security Introduces RSA(R) Access Manager 6.0 II-93  SafeNet Launches Client-Server IPSec and IKEv2 Security  Toolkits for Networking OEMs II-94  SafeNet Offers Data-at-Rest Shield for Workstations, Servers  and Laptops II-94  SafeNet Launches Borderless Access Server to Determine Secure  Remote Access Challenges II-94  SafeNet Introduces Ethernet Encryptors for Secure  Communications on Metro Ethernet II-94  F5 Networks and Secure Computing Jointly Launch BIG-IP Message  Security Module II-94  Secure Computing Introduces SafeWord SecureWire 50 IAM Appliance II-95  Secure Computing Introduces SafeWord SecureWire IAM Appliance II-95  SonicWALL Releases New Version of SonicWALL Email Security 5.0 II-95  SonicWALL Launches New IKEv2-enabled SonicOS 3.2 II-95  SonicWALL Launches New SonicWALL Email Security II-95  SonicWALL and Canon System Launch GUARDIANBOX URL Filter II-96  Sophos Releases Application Control Feature for Sophos Anti-  Virus Version 6 II-96  Sophos Unveils Sophos New Anti-Virus 5.0 Version for Linux II-96  Sophos Unveils Sophos Anti-Virus 4.7 Version for Mac OS X II-96  Sourcefire Unveils OfficeCat Security Tool for Microsoft  Office Applications II-96  Sophos Launches ES4000 Email Security Appliance II-97  Singlefin Announces Free E-mail Filtering Service II-97  Stonesoft Develops StoneGate IPS Solution for Secure  Information Flow II-97  Sun Launches Java Card(TM) 2.2.2 II-97  SurfControl Introduces On-demand "WebDefense" and "  MailControl" Services II-97  SurfControl Updates Web Filter 5.5 II-97  Symantec upgrades AntiVirus Corporate Edition and Antivirus  Enterprises Edition that Support MS Windows Vista II-98  Symantec Launches Norton Confidential for Macintosh II-98  Symantec Launches Symantec Database Security to Protect  Enterprise Database Management Systems II-98  Symantec Launches New Mail Security for Data Protection II-98  Symantec Launches World's First Complete Online Transaction  Security Solution II-98  Symantec Launches Windows Small Business Server Compatible  Mail Security II-98  Symantec Launches Symantec Web Security 5.0 Compatible with  Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server  2004 II-99  Symantec Launches Symantec Mail Security 8220 Appliance II-99  Nexus launches New Version of Nexus Application Suite II-99  Nexus Launches Digital Identity Software for Mac Users II-99  Trend Micro Launches InterScan Messaging Security Appliance II-99  Trend Micro Launches InterScan Gateway Security Appliance II-100  Trend Micro Introduces PC-cillin Internet Security II-100  Trend Micro Introduces Email Security Services II-100  Trend Micro Launches Network Virus Wall Enforcer II-100  Trend Micro Presents New Hardware Solution for Network Security II-100  Tumbleweed Communications Launches MailGate 6500 to Offer  Email Security II-101  Tumbleweed Communications Presents FTP Analyzer to Detect  Unsecured FTP II-101  Tumbleweed Communications Offers Yet another Web Mail Security  Solution II-101  Vasco Data Security Creates Digipass 905 for PC/SC and Smart  Cards II-101  Vasco Data Security Launches Digipass Easy Pack to Boost Web  Security for SMEs II-101  Vasco Data Security Expands Digipass Product Profile with  Digipass for Web II-101  Vasco Data Security and Eutron Unveil Digipass 860 for PKI  Applications II-102  VeriSign Releases Comprehensive Identity Protection Solution  for Online Firms II-102  VeriSign Launches Fraud Detection Service to Prevent Online  Theft of Identity II-102  WatchGuard Develops Most Compact and All-Pervasive UTM  Security Package for SMB II-102  WatchGuard Launches Firebox X Edge e-Series Appliances for  Network Security II-102  WatchGuard Releases New e-Series UTM Platforms and Latest  Fireware Pro 8.3 Software II-103  Websense Launches New Technology for Web Security Threats II-103  Apere Introduces New Security Solutions II-103  Lakeview Technology Launches New Releases of MIMIX(R) Solution  for AIX II-103  Kaspersky Lab Introduces New Version of Anti- Virus 5.6  Standard Edition II-103  TimeSpring Software Launches TimeData Continuous Data  Protection Software II-104  Affinion Group Introduces Next Generation Solution for ID  Theft Protection II-104  Symantec Launches Symantec Database Security II-104  Rising Launches New Hardware Virus Wall Products (China) II-104  IBM Japan Develops Security Software for Traveling Employees II-104  BorderWare Launches BorderWare Infinity(TM) Platform for  Integrated Content Security II-105  Global Technology Unveils GB-OS 4.0 Version II-105  Aladdin Knowledge Systems Launches Aladdin eSafe II-105  SELEX Communications Launches New Forensic Service on CA Platform II-105  TELUS Presents Latest E-Mail Security Layer to Delete Virus  and Spam Messages II-105  Secure Computing Unveils SnapGear Line of UTM Appliances II-106  NetIQ Unveils New VoIP Security Tool II-106  Xilinx Releases New Network Security Acceleration Solution II-106  Corrent Debuts SR325 UTM Appliance with Ample Features II-106  Steganos Releases Updated Security Solutions II-106  D-Link Unveils NetDefend UTM Appliances II-106  New Fraud and Security Solutions from 3i Infotech II-107  Apani Releases New Cost/Benefit Calculator II-107  WebEx Introduces On-Demand System Management Solutions II-107  Cybertrust Introduces Managed SEM Solutions II-107  Cybertrust Introduces Security Management Program II-107  Cybertrust Releases New Version of Compliance Management Solution II-107  GeoTrust Releases True Credentials Enterprise ID II-108  Websense, Inc. Unveils SiteWatcher and BrandWatcher II-108  Cisco Systems Introduces Cisco Certified Voice Professional  (CCVP) II-108  3Com Rolls Out Email Firewall II-108  CipherTrust Launches Instant Messaging Security Solution for  Enterprises II-108  Clearswift Launches Email Security Appliance II-108  BorderWare Releases MXtreme Mail Firewall II-109  Proofpoint Releases Gateway X-Series Messaging Security  Appliances II-109  CipherTrust Unveils ZombieMeter II-109  Proofpoint Launches CipherTrust Trade-up Program II-109  Patron Releases New Email Policy Gateway II-109  F-Secure Launches Advanced Messaging Security Appliance for SMEs II-110  Proofpoint Launches Proofpoint Network Content Sentry(TM) II-110  Trend Micro Releases New Security Solutions II-110  Microsoft Releases Feature Service Pack for Windows Mobile 5.0 II-110  GFI Releases Version 9 of GFI MailSecurity II-110  SmoothWall Unveils New Firewall II-110  CyberGuard Corporation Launches TSP 7100 Network Security  Appliance II-111  BroadScan(TM) Firewall from SOHOware II-111  ZyXEL Communications Launches ZyWALL UTM Series II-111  ServGate Unveils EdgeForce M Series UTM Platforms II-111  Sensory Networks Releases New Series of Security Acceleration  Cards for UTM Appliances II-111  Forum Systems Launches XWall Web Services Firewall II-111  CyberGuard Corporation Unveils Global Command Center 3.0 II-112  Agnitum Debuts Corporate Firewall II-112  Barracuda Complements Spyware Firewall Range II-112  Mxtreme(TM) Mail Firewall 5.0 from BorderWare II-112  Entrust, Inc. Introduces Digital Certificate Management Solutions II-112  Juniper Launches SA 6000 SP Appliance II-112  Check Point Introduces Safe@Office 500 UTM Appliances II-112  McAfee Releases New SCM Appliances II-113  Ingate Launches Firewall(R) 1180 and SIParator(R) 18 II-113  HP Launches Forms Automation System 1.2 and Medical Archiving  Solution II-113  Odyssey Launches True 64-Bit Security Appliances II-113  WatchGuard Complements Firebox X Series II-113  Internet Security Systems Unveils Proventia G2000 and G400 II-113  Lightspeed Firewall from Lightspeed II-114  SafeNet, Inc. Introduces SafeZone IP 2.0 II-114  NETGEAR to Expand ProSafe(TM) Series II-114  SafeNet, Inc. Launches Sentinel LM (license manager) 8.0 II-114  Innominate Rolls Out Device Attached Security Products II-114  Wi-Fi Firewall from AirTight II-114  Symantec Corp. Launches Symantec Mail Security 8100 Series II-115  SkyRecon Introduces StormShield II-115  Websense, Inc. Unveils Enterprise Instant Messaging Attachment  Manager Module II-115  VPN-1 SecureClient from Check Point II-115  Websense, Inc. Inaugurates Websense Security Lab II-115  Secure Computing Unveils Sidewinder G2 II-115  Barracuda Introduces Spam Firewall in China II-116  Websense, Inc. Introduces Websense Enterprise Software's 5.2  Version II-116  ActivCard Corp Unveils ActivCard Authentication Server II-116  GTA Unveils New Firewalls II-116  GTA Rolls Out GB-Ware II-116  Fiberlink Communications and BigFix Launches First Fully  Managed Solution II-116  ServGate Unveils EdgeForce(R) M30 II-117  Cisco Systems, Inc. Introduces Cisco File Engine Series II-117  Cisco Systems, Inc. Unveils SMB Class Solutions Initiative II-117  Computer Associates Launches Wireless Site Management Solution II-117  CyberGuard Corp. Unveils Webwasher Content Management Suite (  CSM) 5.1 II-117  CyberGuard Corporation Launches WW1000 Content Security Appliance II-117  Entrust, Inc. Introduces Entrust IdentityGuard II-117  F-Secure Corp. Unveils Anti-Virus Linux Client and Server  Security Product II-117  F-Secure Corp. Introduces F-Secure Spam Control II-118  F-Secure Corp. Launches F-Secure Anti-Virus for Citrix Servers II-118  Greencomputer Introduces PowerElf II UTM Appliance II-118  Netegrity, Inc. Unveils IdentityMinder Web Edition 6.0 II-118  Netegrity, Inc. Introduces TransactionMinder 6.0 II-118  Netegrity, Inc. Launches Netegrity IdentityMinder eProvision 4.0 II-118  RSA Security Inc. Launches RSA Federated Identity Manager II-118  SafeNet, Inc. Unveils SafeEnterprise SONET/SDH Encryptors II-119SafeNet, Inc. Introduces Sentinel UltraPro Software Protection  Keys II-119  SafeNet, Inc. Launches SSL iGate 4.0 II-119  SonicWALL, Inc. Introduces Content Security Manager 2100 CF II-119  SonicWALL, Inc. Introduces PRO 2040 and PRO 5060 II-119  Sophos Unveils Sophos Anti-Virus for NetApp Storage Systems II-119  Stonesoft Corp. Unveils StoneGate Management Center 3.0 &  StoneGate IPS 1.0 II-119  Surf Control Plc Launches Enterprise Risk Audit Appliance II-119  Symantec Corp. Unveils Symantec Gateway Security 320, 360 and  360R II-120  Trend Micro, Inc. Introduces Incubation Organization II-120  Trend Micro, Inc. Unveils Trend MicroNetwork VirusWall 1200 II-120  Prosodie Launches Messaging Systems Security Service II-120  VeriSign, Inc. Introduces VeriSign Email Security Services II-120  CyberGuard Corporation Introduces Proactive Protection Technology II-120  IBM Unveils Latest Multilevel Security Technology II-121  7. Recent Industry Activity II-122  IBM Acquires Encentuate II-122  Appin Acquires 50% Stake in IDCertainty II-122  Urix Takes Over Predicted Solutions II-122  Novell Extends Partnership with New Vendors II-122  SafeNet Acquires Ingrian Networks II-123  Ceduware Merges with Trustwave II-123  HP Ceases Marketing of Identity Management Products II-123  Logic Trends and Omada Join Hands II-123  ACIS and UIH Form a JV II-123  Edentify and TrustedID Collaborate II-123  Microsoft and Eclipse Partner for Novel Identity Management  Solution II-124  Atos Origin and Novell Collaborate II-124  SafeNet Collaborates with RadVision II-124  AlgoSec Inks Agreement with TrustNet II-124  Airtel Teams Up with F-Secure II-124  Cryptzone Bags Major Contract II-125  Shifra Partners with Encentuate II-125  Bharti Airtel and VeriSign Collaborate II-125  Aladdin and Blue Ridge Join Hands II-125  CA Partners with HCL II-125  Oger Systems Merges with Scanit II-125  Intelli-Check Merges with Mobilisa II-126  CPST Acquires Fortune Fame II-126  Laguna Ventures Takes Over OakHill II-126  Websense Takes Over SurfControl II-126  Raytheon Takes Over Oakley Networks II-127  Secure Global Takes Over Phoenix II-127  RSA Takes Over Tablus II-127  Edgeline Acquires Secure Voice Communications II-127  Hifn Pockets Siafu II-127  Oracle Takes Over Bharosa II-127  Talisen and Mycroft Merge to Form Myocroft Talisen, Inc. II-128  EMC Takes Over Verid Inc II-128  Motorola Acquires Stake in VidSys II-128  CDC Software Acquires Stake in Vectra Corp II-128  Edentify Takes Over Zelcom Group II-128  Tata Teleservices Collaborates with RSA II-128  Avineon Bags Major Contract from US Mint Department II-128  Cyber-Ark Partners with GSS II-129  SAP Collaborates with IBM and Sun II-129  Omada Forms Alliance with OCG II-129  Edentify Al 

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