October 1, 2008

Turn Up, Drive in, Drop Off

eDAY is all about e-waste.

So if it has to do with computers or cellphones, just drive on up and drop it off, Laurence Zwimpfer, organiser and chairperson of the Computer Access New Zealand Trust says.

"We know that TVs and other electronic equipment pose similar threats to our environment, but because of the huge variety in size and weight of this equipment, we don't think it is fair to ask volunteers to handle TVs," he says.

It is also suggested that for the sake of privacy and security that all the data from computer hard drives, floppy disks and PC cards is wiped.

Yes for eDay

computer hardware


etworking equipment (eg, modems, routers, hubs)


keyboards, mice, speakers



game consoles

toner and ink jet cartridges

mobile phones

No for eDay




DVD players, video recorders

other home appliances



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