October 1, 2008

Rwandan President Launches One Laptop Per Child Programme

Text of report in English by Rwandan radio on 1 October

[Presenter] President Paul Kagame has officially launched the one laptop per child programme that aims at providing cheap laptop computers to primary pupils across the country. The Rwandan head of state told the beneficiaries that the new system is set to promote critical thinking and innovation which is quite relevant to the country's progress. President Kagame said that every child should have the laptop computer which in turn will grant students access to the internet and a vast store of information.

The Rwandan government has committed itself currently to providing the system to all primary school children in Rwanda within the next five years. Students from Kagugu and Rwamagana B primary schools [on the outskirts of Kigali] who received the laptop computers applauded the government and Mr Negroponte's initiative of creating an IT knowledge based sector which begins right from the younger generation.

President Kagame further says that this system will further promote critical thinking and innovation.

[Kagame] The one laptop per child initiative is important for Rwanda and it is embedded in our development strategy of using ICT as an enabler of other sectors, including mainly learning as well as building a dynamic information technology industry in its own right.

[Presenter] President Kagame officially launching the one laptop per child programme here in Kigali. Over 5,000 laptop computers have been offered to the Rwandan education sector by Mr Nicholas Negroponte who is the proprietor of this project with an aim of laying ground for the ICT-based economy which the Rwandan government has already started establishing.

Originally published by Radio Rwanda, Kigali, in English 1830 1 Oct 08.

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