October 1, 2008

New Nevada Law Requires Encryption of Customer Information

A new law went into effect today requiring all entities doing business in Nevada to protect customer information with encryption if stored on or transmitted using a computer.

Is My Business Affected By This New Law?

The new law impacts how accountants, lawyers, doctors, financial consultants, insurance and real estate agents -- and all other companies doing business in Nevada -- maintain, backup and use email that contains client information on computers or electronic media.

What Happens If I Don't Comply?

The non-compliance penalty for the new law is not explicit, but federal and state laws already require that customers be notified when their information has been potentially compromised. The mandatory disclosure of a breach can be devastating, and exposes the business to civil lawsuits threatening the future of the business.

What If I Never Email Client Data?

Even if a business never sends customer information via email, the business will be at risk if a server, desktop, laptop, or electronic storage device is lost, stolen, or compromised. This also applies to businesses using third-party services to backup and store client information (i.e., document or electronic records management systems). Most such services encrypt backup data after transmission, leaving onsite data on servers, desktops and laptops vulnerable and subject to non-compliance.

How Can I Comply And Protect My Business?

Most encryption products require technical capabilities beyond the expertise of the average computer user. One encryption product available from Bilantic Software, LLC -- CipherWizard -- provides a simple, user-friendly way to encrypt email messages and confidential customer data on desktops, laptops and storage devices (i.e., CDs, DVDs and USB "flash" drives). CipherWizard automates encryption technology so there's no technical expertise required. CipherWizard users register for an account on-line, download and install the software on any Windows XP computer, and securely encrypt email messages and files immediately with no need for technical know-how and virtually no learning curve.

A unique feature of CipherWizard is the exclusive CipherVault(R), which resembles a Windows folder where documents and files are organized and stored, but are automatically encrypted when locked, and automatically decrypted when CipherVault(R) is opened.

CipherWizard is an easy-to-use and inexpensive software application for securing and transmitting customer data, and complying with the new law. CipherWizard Reader is free software that permits users to decrypt documents, messages and files encrypted by licensed users. For information, visit www.CipherWizard.com.

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SOURCE: Bilantic Software, LLC