October 2, 2008

YouMail Expands Wireless Carrier Partnerships By Partnering With SmartCall, LLC

YouMail, Inc. (www.youmail.com), the mobile industry's premier consumer voicemail service, today announced a partnership with SmartCall, LLC dba Ismart Mobile (http://www.smartcall.us), a wireless carrier in Bozeman, Montana. Under the terms of the agreement, YouMail will enable SmartCall to provide its customers with free cell phone voicemail service at no cost to SmartCall or its customers. SmartCall will launch its complete voice and data services at the first quarter of 2009 including unlimited calls and data as well as advanced voicemail service provided by YouMail.

YouMail offers control over every aspect of the voicemail experience: users can determine which callers get which greetings and when, how they are notified about voicemail, which callers can leave voicemail and even how voicemails are picked up - in e-mail, online, or over the phone.

By partnering with YouMail, SmartCall saves money by avoiding costly voicemail providers, and is able to differentiate its offerings and compete with larger, national carriers by offering YouMail's upgraded voicemail experience to its customers. It also gives SmartCall the potential to increase ARPU through increased call completion, customer satisfaction and overall usage.

"By partnering with our second wireless carrier in only a matter of weeks, we're further validating the importance for wireless carriers to differentiate their voicemail service offering in order to compete," said Alex Quilici, YouMail's CEO. "We're thrilled to expand our offering to SmartCall to offer them our advanced voicemail service at no charge, giving their users unprecedented choice and control as well as access to the YouMail user community to continually improve their experience."

"We're thrilled to partner with YouMail as it allows us to further differentiate ourselves from our competitors," said Yehiel BenShoshan, CEO of SmartCall. "By combining our unlimited calling and data plans with YouMail's advanced voicemail service, we are providing a mobile experience like no other."

About YouMail

YouMail provides a free, cell phone voicemail service that allows every consumer to completely customize their voicemail experience. YouMail's visual voicemail lets users choose how they get their voicemail - online, on their phone, or in e-mail, and makes it effortless to share, publish, and save voicemails forever. YouMail also provides a variety of personal greeting options that include, automatically greeting every caller by their first name, letting users record different greetings for different callers, and providing a large library of free user-generated greetings. And, YouMail makes it easy to prevent unwanted voicemails, leveraging its community to identify and block telemarketer and other spam, automatically helping users get off call lists. The service is being adopted rapidly by consumers, and the company has a growing set of distribution partnerships with major mobile service and content providers. YouMail, Inc., headquartered in Aliso Viejo, CA, was founded in January, 2007. The company is backed by Vantage Point Venture Partners and Tech Coast Angels. To learn more and sign up for the free YouMail service, go to http://www.youmail.com. Inquiries regarding YouMail should be directed to [email protected]

About SmartCall, LLC

Smart Call is an advanced GSM wireless carrier that provides converged cellular and fixed communications solutions throughout the world using unique technology. Their management team has many years of experience with cellular communications, VoIP, PSTN, and Wi-Fi. They offer a complete portfolio of services to enable your business to simplify communications all together while saving you money at the same time! Smart Call is bringing a new generation of mobile services to the market and is seeking a large foot print in the U.S., offering attractive plans, unique features and global coverage with their partners throughout the world.